31 Days: Wrapping Supplies Storage

This post is part of my 31 Days of New Uses for Old Things series.

When I moved to our current townhome to live with my husband last year, I had a lot more closet space and no use yet for this hanging organizer from Target (mine is similar to this):

But as we were opening all of our wedding gifts, the though came to use this to store all of our wedding wrapping supplies!! I kept all the of the tissue paper from wedding gifts:

It used to be packed with just tissue paper, but over the course of a year I’ve used enough so that now we have room for bubble wrap in the top shelf and small gift bags on the bottom shelf.

Then, I’ve got the rest of my supplies in a basket and bags:

Here is a look at the whole closet section for gift wrapping!

Update: check out this wrapping organization picture that I pinned – using a laundry basket – cute!!

Until next time!

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6 comments to 31 Days: Wrapping Supplies Storage

  • I should totally store my gift wrapping. We always end up letting it sit somewhere until we have to toss it all out. So much to do to get organized around here! One step at a time.

    Love the idea! Thanks!
    Heather Tovey recently posted..5 Gorgeous DIY Thanksgiving DecorationsMy Profile

    • BetsyPool

      It’s so nice to have gift wrapping organized. My husband makes fun of me a little for it. It’s handy to be able to just go to this closet whenever I need to wrap a gift! I didn’t show it in the picture, but on the top shelf in this closet I also keep extra gifts and gifts I plan to give! I also have a shoebox full of cards -organized by category! (I didn’t really share that, just because it was by luck I got so many cards for free. There were a bunch of Hallmark cards sitting at work one day with a sign that said – take for free – such a blessing!!!)

      • Wow, that’s really impressive! You’re so organized. I bet that comes in really handy when you need a random gift at a moment’s notice. How do you keep up with everyone’s birthdays, etc.? I’ve been thinking about using a spreadsheet because I’m so forgetful. Or maybe I should make more use of Google Calendar.
        Heather Tovey recently posted..Pumpkin Spice Lattes for All!My Profile

        • My husband and I just started using Google calendar. It’s going to take some time to get used to using it. I mainly use a standard spiral bound paper planner. I love planners and being organized!

  • Nice organizing. I have mine in an couple of bins, but I really need to clean it all out. It’s so full I can’t get the top on. It’s also hard to dig to the bottom when I want to wrap something. I’m hoping to find a corner to do something like this when I have craft room in the basement.

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