31 Days: Cute picture holders & blogs to follow

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I can wait while you do that….


Thanks so much!!! <3


Today I’ve got just a small, very EASY new use for binder clips!!

I bought 6 at Walmart for under $2. I would show you how well the green in them matches my desk decor, but it’s so messy right now. Sorry.


Anyway I used them to display a few wallet size pictures I had!! (Picture is of my youngest sister a few years ago and my grandparents!)

Very cute and handy and easy! Here are a couple more:


What do you think? (The middle picture is of me when I was 11 or so. My favorite picture is the second from the left – that’s my sisters and I – don’t we look glamorous?)


Since my post was so short today, let me send you to check out some of my favorite blogs I’m following through the 31 Days of Change series. (Or you can check out the latest in my Cutting Your Grocery Bill series.)


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31 Days of Warm Connections: http://reluctantentertainer.com/
31 Days of Building Your Marriage: http://brownsugartoast.com/
31 Days of Love Making: http://www.rainingsilence.com/


See you tomorrow!!

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