31 Days: DIY Gift Wrapping

While my hubby and I are enjoying our one year anniversary, I will be having two awesome people guest posting for my 31 Days! Today, Heather from Sweep. Sew. Stir. has graciously written a post following my series of 31 Days of New Uses for Old Things. ***(UPDATE: If you want to see even more ideas, check out my mini-series: Wednesday’s Wrap-it Up!!)

Heather created Sweep. Sew. Stir.¬†as a way to share her journey as she masters the art of homemaking. She blogs about keeping her house clean and organized, delicious recipes and decorating ideas. I LOVE her new series on Building Habits!! I’m excited that she’s going to start a Building Habits blog hop starting November 7th!! Her first habit is speaking French in her home – very¬†ambitious (and pretty cool, if you ask me)!

She also is awesome because she helped me a lot when I first moved over to WordPress and was figuring everything out. Well, let’s make Heather feel welcome – leave comments!!


I try really hard to be organized, but sometimes I just don’t quite pull it off.

Recently, Betsy posted an excellent article on how to organize your wrapping supplies. Super impressive, and I bet it makes the holidays really organized.

But if you’re anything like me, you’re not nearly as organized and often find yourself with a last-minute gift to wrap and no wrapping paper in sight.

Well, if you have newspaper, magazines, or even a t-shirt, then you have some excellent wrapping paper already!

3, 2, 1, DIY!

Four wrapped gifts with blue and red accents.

Here, I used butcher paper, a toilet paper roll, yarn, a couple of pieces of colored paper that I made using the printer, and cupcake liners to wrap these gifts.

You can pretty much use anything to wrap a gift.


Gift Wrap Collage

  1. How To: Scarf Gift Wrapping @ We Heart This
  2. Newspaper Bloom @ Country Living
  3. Tutorial: TP Roll Pillow Boxes @ Bells In Spires
  4. Shirt Gift Wrapping @ Country Living
  5. Owl Wrapping (with printable) @ Lisa Storms
  6. Yarn Gift Wrapping @ Martha Stewart

If you want more ideas for DIY gift wrapping, be sure to check out my Pinterest Page. You’ll find ideas for wrapping gifts with any kind of paper or fabric (including shirts, sweaters, and scarves), plus ideas for how to add decorative touches once the gift is wrapped.

What’s your favorite way to wrap a gift, DIY-style?


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