31 Days: Fun with Bottle Caps

My husband has been collecting bottle caps for a long time. He loves collecting caps of his favorite drinks. After seeing an idea on Pinterest, I decided that making these cute, brightly colored caps useful was a good idea. Why not add some spice to your refrigerator by making magnets of out them?

VERY easy to do! You can buy circle shaped magnets at Walmart – a set of 18 for less than $2. (though since the bottle caps are deep, I have to stack two magnets on top of each other so I ended up only making 9.)

This idea could also be modified. If you wanted to insert your own pictures, just turn the bottle cap the other way and mod podge the picture inside the cap and put magnets on the back. Here’s a tutorial.


Eventually, I want to try this – making this bottle cap tray:



Doesn’t it look so cute??

Plus, here’s 5 more easy bottle cap craft.

Hope this give you some ideas to try!! Please share on my facebook page once you have tried one of these projects or what you have done in the past!!

I’m linking this post up to Today’s Creative Blog and The Pinterest Challenge!

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