31 Days: How to Freeze Produce


Today’s 31 Day of New Uses for Old Things comes from Pinterest yet again. If you want to see a list of my 31 Days, I have links posted on my sidebar! These 31 Days are definitely a challenge, especially since I took a 4 day winiversary (wine anniversary) in the middle!! (Post on that to come.) Anyway….

I’ve started freezing produce more and more often to keep it from going bad. I LOVE produce and I love to menu plan, but I don’t always stick to my menu (especially lately), so my produce starts to ripen a little too much before I get to the recipe!

I’ve been able to freeze green onions in an old water bottle:


At first, I froze the green onions in an old yogurt container, but it was only halfway full and taking up space. I decided to switch to using a water bottle like I had really seen on Pinterest and LOVE it. This is so much slimmer and easy to fit in the freezer.

No more green onions going bad!!


This summer, I also froze a lot of fruit to use in smoothies:


peaches for smoothies!!

I also found this excellent list of foods you can freeze. Freezing cheese = brilliant! Thanks to my new freezer, which I love, I can freeze a lot more!!


What kinds of things have you found helps to freeze?

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