31 Days: Instant Dress!

Does your husband/Dad/relative/friend have a button down shirt in good condition they no longer use? Or two? Or three?

I’m going to show you several ways to re-purpose a men’s shirt to make a dress, a skirt, or an apron!!

Here’s how to have a new strapless dress or tunic top using a men’s long sleeve shirt!!



Step 1:

With the shirt unbuttoned, center the shirt collar on your back and wrap it around under your arms. The buttons land in front and button it wherever you find it comfortable.

If you use the buttons further down, then tuck or roll the shirt above where you buttoned.


Step 2:

Button all the buttons (make sure they line up – or not. In my case they did not line up, but you can hide that it doesn’t match pretty well)!

Now the sleeves are at your sides.


Step 3:

Wrap the sleeves to either side and tie into a knot or bow.



Or, try some other styles!!


tie in back


tunic top (with Grecian back)

Grecian back


If you don’t mind sewing:


Awesome tutorial from Ruffles and Roses


Another cute skirt from Blue Babes Create


Apron tutorial from Gabriel's Good Tidings


Beginner Level sewing:


Easy and cute shirt from DIY Maternity


Check out my other 31 Days of New Uses for Old Things posts!! Write on my facebook page about what everyday things you are putting to good use!!

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