31 Days: Mason Jar Centerpiece

Today I would like to highlight what a good friend of mine has done for her table’s centerpiece. Maybe this will inspire you in some way!

She had an idea to fill mason jars with acorns, but when she and her son went looking around their neighborhood they didn’t find too many acorns. Instead, she opted for buying peanuts (still a cheap alternative)!


She just put a votive on top of the peanuts within the mason jar. I also the love the touch of burlap she placed under the mason jar!

Meghan also runs an ebay store, selling mainly designer clothes for reasonable prices. You should check it out!

Tomorrow I’m going to post the wine bottle tree I’ve been working on! I’m SOO excited!!

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4 comments to 31 Days: Mason Jar Centerpiece

  • That is so cute and so simple! Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day. I love meeting bloggers!

  • Debbie

    Oh my gosh. My daughter is getting married on October 29th this year. Since it’s a fall wedding and the ceremony is being held outside-but the reception inside-we decided to try to use as many recycled and re-usuable items that would be considered fall themed to decorate the tables. We are using mason jars (from my great-grandmother, filled with deer corn with a tea light on top, with twine around the outside of the jar and a fall leaf stuck inside the twine. Almost identical to the one used above but different items. She is having her flower girls throw deer corn instead of flower petals-since it’s being held in a field. Funny, great minds to really think along the same lines.

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