31 Days: More sponsors!

These past 31 Days have been so much fun, especially in partnering with my sponsors mentioned here and also the following 3 mentioned in this post.

I’ve been so thankful for my wonderful sponsors this month!! They have been so awesome and you should definitely check out their blogs! Here are the last three:

Jennifer from Vintage Gwen

Read about how she came up with the name of her blog – very interesting and fun! She’s partial to vintage things and has a collection of vintage pink ornaments! Her weekly features include: Tuesdays-Soiree Day, Wednesdays-Show & Share with Darlings, Thursdays-Tutorials/Tips, Fridays-Chic Couture, and Saturdays-Vintage Gwen Chapel. Check her blog out!

Matt from The Social Network Consultant

Matt has just started his blog, but it promises to be a very insightful in all areas technology, social networking, cell phones, and apps! Check out his post on “What we can do together“. What he wants to do is help/advise you when you have already decided on a specific social outlet you think your company should utilize. He has already guest posted for me here. Check out his blog!

Kristin from The Clever Neighbor

Her blog is always hosting great giveaways or letting us know of awesome deals and free samples! More than that, Kristin has just started a DIY section to her blog. She has already guest posted for me for my 31 Days!

I am so thankful for this blogging community!!

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