31 Days: Ribbon Fun!

It’s getting toward the end of the 31 Days of New Uses for Old things series!! If you missed any of my posts, just click on the links I have in my sidebar!

Today’s items: ribbons!

As you can tell from this post, I keep every kind of wrapping I receive. If someone gives me a gift in wrapping paper, I take off the tape carefully, so I can save it. Does anyone else do this? Of course, I also keep any gift bags, tissue paper, bows and ribbon I receive.

When I got married last year, my colors were purple and I registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond so I got a LOT of purple ribbons on my packages!!



I found a great tutorial on another 31 day blogger (More Numerous Than Sand) for making this easy, cute headband!!

Step 1

Tie the ends of a ribbon to a hair band. Adjust to the size you need, then use a hot glue gun to secure the knots.


Step 2

Make a bow by folding another piece of ribbon and hot gluing together.



Step 3

Finally, glue the bow on the ribbon headband by using a third piece to cover the bow and wrap around. To-da! Really easy!



(Later today I’ll post picture of me wearing the headband – I didn’t want to take a picture late last night when I was making this project.)


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