31 Days: Some Pinterest Organization Finds

I LOVE Pinterest! It’s definitely been my inspiration for these 31 Days! If you are not on it, read about why you should be!

Today I thought I would post about some organizational projects I LOVE, but just haven’t gotten around to yet, or it just doesn’t work with my home.


Have an old VHS tape lying around?

Turn it into a picture + secret storage! (Source)


If you have several milk jugs:


 Use them as storage bins for craft supplies, office supplies, etc.! (Source)

Or upcycle it as a lunch box!! (Source)

Ice cube trays…

…as a jewelry organizer! (Source)


Use a plastic rack to organize your freezer:


 This is from one of my earlier Take it on Tuesday projects!

For Brown Grocery Bags:

Isn’t this super cute? This is a no sew project! (Source)

Check back next week for some more great Pinterest finds!!

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