31 Days Sponsors!

I’ve been so thankful for my wonderful sponsors this month!! They have been so awesome and you should definitely check out their blogs! Here are the first three:

Heather from Finding Beauty in the Ordinary

I LOVE the layout of her blog!! In her blog she shares about the beauty she sees in her life. She has lovely wedding pictures. Check out her blog – you won’t be disappointed!


Heather from Sweep. Sew. Stir.

I love Heather’s blog – we seem to have the same interests. Starting November 7th, she will be hosting a Building Habits Blog Hop, which I’m looking forward to! Meanwhile, I’ve been enjoying her Building Habits series and Iron Chef posts!

Jenna from It’s Just Called Spicy

Jenna has a BEAUTIFUL blog!! She is engaged and getting married in December!! I would encourage you to check out her blog, especially the recipes section! She recently posted this Coffee Cake in 5 minutes recipe.


Click here to view more of my sponsors!

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