31 Days: The Best New Uses for Old Things!

Today I had meant to show you my husband and I’s Halloween costumes (and save this post for my last day of the 31 day series), but they are not quite ready. So, I’ll have to do the Halloween post on Halloween.

I wanted to include a post in which I can share with you all the fabulous, wonderful ideas I’ve gathered in preparation for this month’s series (and over the course of the month). There are a LOT of cute projects that I was not able to do within this crazy, busy month (the obstacle being time in most cases). I narrowed it down to my favorite 17. What do you think?


Fall Inspiration

Easy trash bag Halloween Decoration!! (Source)

A spool of crochet thread turns into a pumpkin. (Source)

Very cute leaf bound votive!! (Source)

Easy Peasy

I use this trick quite often while cooking and listening to music! (Source)

Easy way to make taco bowls!! (Source)

Change of address cards using paint chips – so cute!! (Source)

Cereal boxes into postcards! (Source)

Just spray paint a mat for wall art!! (Source)


 Make your own rubber stamp using an eraser! (Source)

This website has a couple of ideas of what to do with pallets (often you can pick up for free!!)


So cute – children’s book placemats!! (Source)


 Shoe boxes and binder clips to make desk organizer!! (Source)


 Just need scrapbook paper and dollar store frames!! (Source)

Very cute pillows made from sweaters!! (Source)


16 Gorgeous globes ideas (Source):

16 gorgeous globe ideas!

So adorable – Paint Chip Wrapped Present (Source)

Fun idea for a jewelry box!!! (Source)

I have many more ideas pinned on my boards.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for our Halloween costumes! Then, swing by on Tuesday to link up for my Take it on Tuesday blog hop!!

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