31 Days: Uses for clothespins


I’ve been writing a 31 Day series: 31 Days of New Uses for Old Things. Basically, I’m looking at all of the useless things I have lying around my house and putting them to good use, be it organizational or for decor. Today I want to look at clothespins. They can be useful in some many more ways than we normally think of!! I found this awesome idea through Pinterest:

I know it doesn’t look like much, but it’s a VERY handy tool to have!! You use it to help you hang up pictures EXACTLY where you want them to go. All you have to do is hook the head of the nail on the back of the picture:

Then, line it up to where you want it to hang. This allows you to play with it as much as you want. When you finally have the spot where you want it to go, then you tap the top of the frame against the wall (this pushes the sharp end of the nail and punctures the wall just a little bit). THAT is the spot you use to hammer a nail!!

This is just one way to use clothespins in a new way!! Here are 40+ more ways of using clothespins (from keeping your fingers from getting burned to clipping a towel on your skirt as an easy apron)!

Please share with me on my facebook page how you have used clothespins!!

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