50 Habits of Thin People: Week 5

Thank you all for your comments last week. We had some great feedback and Rachel mentioned an article that lists 29 exercises that you can do at or near your desk.

How are you doing on the previous habits? Have you picked a couple to work on and build as habits?


The habits we are working on currently?

– My husband and I want to have the habit of walking outside 45 min. on most days, but this last week we only walked 3 days.

– We’ve been using smaller plates for our meals.

Eating Soup as the first course.



The next two habits we are looking at today come from EatingWell.com, How Can I Lose Weight? 4 Secrets of Skinny People. I’m just going to talk about the two that I would like to work on:



Habit 10: Step Away From the Screen

“…stepping away from the computer during lunch has an added health bonus, according to recent research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: it may help you eat less. Participants in the study either ate lunch while playing solitaire on a computer or ate without any distractions (no computer). When quizzed on their feelings of fullness 30 minutes later, the undistracted eaters reported feeling fuller than the group that ate in front of a computer screen. Not only that, when they snacked later on, they ate less.” (Source, emphasis added)

I think this makes a lot of sense – if you think about what you eat, you will feel fuller and eat less. Plus, the act of SEEING what you eat satisfies you longer.

All too often, my husband and I will enjoy dinner with a movie or tv show. It’s the time we have to relax together. Since we’ve started that routine, I’ve missed the conversation we could have had around dinner. Certainly when we have kids I would want to eat dinner around the table with the family. Why not start now? Or at least make an effort to do it more often.


from EatingWell.com


Habit 11: Imagine Eating Before You Eat

“Picture this: someone in your office brings in doughnuts and places them where you can’t miss them. But before grabbing one as you pass by, you stop, close your eyes and imagine yourself eating the doughnut…slowly. Sure, your co-workers might think you’re a little weird, but there’s a good chance that doing this will keep you from eating as much as you would otherwise. A recent study in Science found that people presented M&Ms who first imagined eating 30 of them one at a time ate fewer of the candies than those who dove right in without the visualization exercise. Researchers think that the repeated imagining got subjects used to the food, which made them crave it less. Or it could just be that if you put that much thought into what you’re about to eat, you pretty much safeguard yourself against mindless eating.” (Source, emphasis added)

I think the article states it very well. If you imagine you are slowly eating something before you eat then, then you WILL eat slower and less. I thought it was very interesting that part of the phycology behind it is that you get used to the food and crave it less.

I wonder if this works well for everyone, or if you have to be good at imagining things?


How about you? What healthy habits have you started? What habits do you want to start? Please share in the comments!!! I would love to have your feedback!!

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