50 Habits of Thin People: Week 8 (with 8 Healthy Late Night Snacks)

So far, we’ve talked about 15 habits of thin people. If you missed the week I reviewed them all and went through two steps to evaluate how you are doing, I would encourage you check it out!

Last week I talked about exercising and how hard it is to establish a routine. I’d still love for you all to comment on how establishing an exercise routine did work or didn’t work for you.

Here are the next two healthy habits:



Healthy Habit #16: No Fast Food

Avoiding the fast food helps to avoid the extra weight, high blood pressure, elevated blood cholesterol levels, clogged arteries, diabetes, etc. Healthy people simply avoid eating this and other processed junk.

Now, this is easy to say and harder to have the self-control to do. It requires taking time ahead of the game to plan out what you are going to eat and keeping your refrigerator stocked up. This is not a habit you can skip, if you want to see progress. If you can’t seem to completely cut it out, please don’t go more than once or twice a month AND read Eat This, Not That! Restaurant Survival Guide to better educate yourself on the good choices out there.


Healthy Habit #17: No Meals Before Bed

While we all enjoy that midnight snack now and then, the key words being “now and then.” Avoid eating up to 3 hours before bed. There are TWO great reasons:

1) You won’t burn the calories from these foods as fast

2) What you consume will turn to fat more readily in your body

In addition, you’ll probably wake up feeling sluggish if you stuffed yourself shortly before bed the night before.

For us morning birds, that’s easier to do. We go to bed before we get hungry again. But for the night owls…when you are up late, you are more tempted to grab what’s easy to eat.



What are some healthy alternatives to your late night snacks?

– medium apple with 1 level Tablespoon natural Peanut Butter (143 Calories)
– plain yogurt with granola or fruit
– 1 cup snap peas with 3 Tablespoons hummus (106 Calories)
Strawberry and Cream Cheese Sandwich (from Eating Well)
Cinnamon Oranges (from Eating Well)
– 3 cups air popped popcorn, lightly salted (around 100 Calories)
– 1 cup frozen grapes (104 Calories)
–  hard-boiled egg (70 Calories)


What healthy snacks do you enjoy?

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