Top 5 Posts: 10 Reasons and 4 Tips for Pinnable Images

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I thought this would be a great way to review my top 5 posts. (Thanks Darlene for the idea!) Of course, I’m only speculating on why the following posts received so many views.

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Let me know why YOU think these are my top five posts!

1) 52 Reasons I Love You Cards

52 reasons


2) DIY Car Mount For Your Cell Phone

car mount


3) DIY Home Management Binder

Home Management Binder


4) 25 Days of Working Towards Simple Living (Minimalism)



5) Pickling Cucumbers from the Garden

easy canned pickles


Possible Ten Reasons These Are My Top 5 Posts:
1. Great posts will answer a questions, solve a problem, or appeal to the audience emotionally.
– 3 of my posts were tutorials (answering a question) and
– 2 of them solved a problem related to stuff/time management
2. Almost all images had text on them (thus making them more pinable!)
3. The images are appealing.
4. The titles are straight-forward and attention grabbing.
5. The topics appeal to a large audience.
6. These posts were promoted at Linky Parties and on Pinterest.
7. The posts contained a lot of pictures and are quick to read.
8. Headlines, numbering, and bullet points were used to make the post easy to read.
9. The content is clear and straight-forward.
10. The posts were created to educate and encourage readers.



Four Ways to Make an Image More Pinnable
1) Think Vertical, Not Horizontal
2) Think about a Picture/Colors that Will Grab Attention
3) Show off your Product/Project in Action with an Infographic
4) Rename Your Photos for Your Blog Post






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