31 Days: Halloween fun!


Yesterday, my husband and I participated in our church trunk or treat festivities!! Since we bought a scooter earlier this fall, we decided that an easy choice for our Halloween costumes would be as bikers with our “hog”.


These costumes were not entirely made up of things we had around the house, but we did try to borrow or use mostly what we already had on hand. The items we did purchase: The chaps and Matt’s vest that came together in a package, clip lip rings, and the leather pieces I put over my black heels.


If you missed yesterday’s post, I would encourage you to check it out, as it has 17 excellent projects you

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31 Days: More sponsors!

These past 31 Days have been so much fun, especially in partnering with my sponsors mentioned here and also the following 3 mentioned in this post.

I’ve been so thankful for my wonderful sponsors this month!! They have been so awesome and you should definitely check out their blogs! Here are the last three:

Jennifer from Vintage Gwen

Read about how she came up with the name of her blog – very interesting and fun! She’s partial to vintage things and has a collection of vintage pink ornaments! Her weekly features include: Tuesdays-Soiree Day, Wednesdays-Show & Share with Darlings, Thursdays-Tutorials/Tips, Fridays-Chic Couture, and Saturdays-Vintage Gwen Chapel. Check her blog out!

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31 Days: The Best New Uses for Old Things!


Today I had meant to show you my husband and I’s Halloween costumes (and save this post for my last day of the 31 day series), but they are not quite ready. So, I’ll have to do the Halloween post on Halloween.

I wanted to include a post in which I can share with you all the fabulous, wonderful ideas I’ve gathered in preparation for this month’s series (and over the course of the month). There are a LOT of cute projects that I was not able to do within this crazy, busy month (the obstacle being time in most cases). I narrowed it down to my favorite 17. What do you think?


Fall Inspiration

Easy trash bag Halloween Decoration!! (Source)

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31 Days: Useful Toilet Paper Tubes Part 2

tp wall turqoise

Yesterday, I talked about some interesting and useful ways you can use toilet paper tubes! If that was not enough reason to save all your tubes, maybe today’s post will change your mind!


Wall Decor


I’ve seen some pretty cool wall decor on Pinterest using toilet paper tubes and I’m currently collecting the tubes to make something for my living room wall. I haven’t decided yet what I’m going for….maybe you can help me decide?


Many of these Wall Decor pieces, use toilet paper rolls that have been folded or “smashed” (yes, that’s the technical term) in half, then cut into 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ strips, like this:

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31 Days: Useful Toilet Paper Tubes

tp owl

I’ve been collecting toilet paper tubes for the last several weeks after noticing what useful things you can do with them!


Toilet Paper Roll Treat boxes!



Isn’t this guy so cute? Jenn from Clean and Scentsible has a tutorial on how to make this owl and other toilet paper roll treat boxes!!


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31 Days: Ribbon Fun!

It’s getting toward the end of the 31 Days of New Uses for Old things series!! If you missed any of my posts, just click on the links I have in my sidebar!

Today’s items: ribbons!

As you can tell from this post, I keep every kind of wrapping I receive. If someone gives me a gift in wrapping paper, I take off the tape carefully, so I can save it. Does anyone else do this? Of course, I also keep any gift bags, tissue paper, bows and ribbon I receive.

When I got married last year, my colors were purple and I registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond so I got a LOT of purple ribbons on my packages!!




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31 Days: Easy Cleaning Solutions


I hate to clean. I put it off too much, so then it’s a big project when it happens. Lately, I’ve been a bit better on keeping things picked up, dusting more, and cleaning the floors. I’ve looked at FlyLady’s website and LOVE it! I’ve broken my house into zones and have purposed to start deep cleaning those zones, but life comes up, all the time!!

Anyway, this is not to become a Betsy-is-whining-about-cleaning-post. This is a easy-cleaning-by-using-things-you-have-around-your-house-post!

I’ve found Real Simple is a wealth of information when it comes to using everyday items for cleaning, decor, projects, or whatever! Sometimes you can spend way to much time wading through all their articles, even though it is good stuff (though some of it is

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31 Days: Shoe Box Decor & Blog Hop!


The blog hop will be open all week! Scroll to the end of this post to link up!!


Even though I added a headboard to my bed and I LOVED the look of it, I’ve been looking for something to hang above it. In browsing the web, I came across the idea of wrapping fabric around shoe box lids. Those are both items I have around my house, so why not give it a try?

First gather the shoe box lids:


Then, hot glue fabric around it. I wasn’t too picky with what the back looked like, but I basically folded it like you would wrap a present.

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31 Days: Simple Solutions from everyday objects


One of the things I’ve loved best about picking this topic for my 31 day series, is the fact that I’ve found many many different ideas of simple tricks using objects you would find in your house. For example, you can turn a plastic pants hanger into a bag clip!!


This is a great use for all those plastic hangers you bring home from the store.


Bread Clips

Label cords (Source)

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31 Days: Toaster


I found this idea on Pinterest:



Making a grilled cheese sandwich in your toaster!! My husband made this brie grilled cheese sandwich today!

I would advise have a cutting board or plate ready to catch the bread when it pops out, because it will!! Also, watch your toaster on the first try. Some are able to be on their side, others are not.

Isn’t this fun to try? I thought so.