50 Habits of Thin People: Week 2

How did you all do on Week 1 of the 50 Habits? I hope you were challenged to walk more. Let me know in the comments how this has challenged you!



As part of the on-going series on health habits, here are two more habits from my Dad:


Health Habit 3 –Eat more slowly, increasing enjoyment and eat less

From Eating Well magazine, “When eating, it takes 20 minutes for your body to register fullness. And according to a University of Rhode Island study, you can save 70 calories by eating slowly over about half an hour versus eating in under 10 minutes. If you ate slower at every meal, that would translate into losing about two pounds a month.

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50 Habits of Thin People: Week 1

I often choose series based on what I want to work on, thus the 50 Habits of Thin People! The goal of this series is to be more informed on what habits the healthy person may have. I have entitled this the “50 Habits of Thin People”, but it could easily be replaced with the “50 Habits of Healthy People”.



I want to, through this series, learn to live healthier. I want improved health, more energy, improved sleep, a better outlook on life, more physical capability, and the promise of a longer life of quality.


Each week, I want to introduce 2-3 habits we can work on as we move towards a healthier life.


My Dad has agreed

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New Series: 50 Habits of Thin People

New Happy Year

It’s a new year! I have always loved the New Year’s and the chance to make New Year’s resolutions. My husband will be the first to tell you that I can easily get excited about goal setting and I love to plan, but don’t always follow through with my high expectations.

However, this blog has helped me be accountable and have an excuse to get the things done that I plan when I might otherwise talk myself out of it.

Later this week I plan on posting about my priorities and goals for this month, but today I wanted to introduce my newest series.



I will be working with my Dad (who has done a LOT of research on

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