Moving to new domain!

new website

Hey everyone! You’ve probably notice that I haven’t blogged in awhile. I actually have, just at the new domain!!

I realized that I want to stick with blogging for awhile and wanted a domain name that will be relevant to whatever stage in life I am in. I also wanted a domain name that reflected what I blog about the most and what I’m passionate about – mothers. So I’m now at


I’m pretty excited!! There are a lot of new things going on in my life right now – relatively new baby (4 months old now), new blog, and now I’m also working on becoming accredited as a doula!! If you want other ways to stay in touch with

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30 before 30 Completed!

camping in Colorado

A year ago now, I posted my 30 before 30 bucket list. Little did I know that I would find out in less than a week that I was pregnant! That changed some of my priorities. So today I give you the 30 before 30 list that I did complete before my 30th birthday!

**If you want to make a similar list, I would encourage you to check out the original post, as it has some printables for making your own 30 before 30 list!


My husband and I took a trip to Colorado the weekend before my birthday, just to knock out some of these 30 before 30s! That’s right, I just made “30 before 30”

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My 30th Birthday and Random Acts of Kindness Day!


When I was building my 30 before 30 bucket list, I came across Robyn, who celebrated her 38th birthday by completing 38 random acts of kindness. I LOVED her idea and immediately knew I wanted to do the same.



So I will be spending the week of my 30th birthday completing 30 random acts of kindness. I personally can’t wait.

I would love it if you celebrated my birthday with me by doing just ONE act of kindness during the week of my birthday, September 25th and sharing it with me!! I would be honored if you would leave a comment describing something you kindly and unexpectedly did for someone else. It would honestly be an awesome

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Goals and 30 before 30 check-up

30 before 30-3

I’m turning 30 this month!! AAhhhh!!!!! Crazy, right?

Remember my 30 before 30 bucket list?


Before my son was born I was pretty ambitious in what I wanted to accomplish the last month of my pregnancy and the two months following. Since I’m a first time mom, I didn’t know if my priorities would change after giving birth (which they did) and I didn’t know how much time I would have to devote to my bucket list (very little, if any).

For the months of May and June I had many goals, but what I really got done was:

finished decorating the nursery (and redecorated it once I had a baby boy) continued

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Welcome to the World Ain Levi Pool!

baby Ain

Welcome Baby Boy!



Boy, were you a surprise! Ain Levi Pool (pronounced ‘long A’ and the word ‘in’) was born on Monday, June 24th. His names mean ‘Merciful’ and “Gift of God’. He certainly is a gift. But, he was a surprise as we were expecting a girl (that’s what the 18 week sonogram showed).

He was 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 21 inches long – same size as his Daddy when he was born! It was a LONG labor – 27 hours and 21 of those hours I was in active labor! I am so thankful to have given birth at the New Birth Company in Overland Park and to have the staff there, my

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Day 3: Set Alarms to Beat Procrastination

31 days to building a cleaning routine

Welcome back to 31 Days to Building a Cleaning Routine!

Monday I introduced what I’ll be blogging about this month. I also talked about how to figure out what margin time you have available to start your cleaning routine.

Tuesday I showed you my cleaning routine and walked you through how to start your own!

**Please join my weekly linky party: Take it on Tuesday!


Day 3 task: Set alarms to tackle tricky tasks

Since I have the most free time in the morning to tackle my cleaning, I decided I needed a good night’s rest and to start early! If I don’t do the cleaning in the morning, or sometimes practically first thing, then it won’t get done.


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Dating Dime: How to spend 1 day in St. Louis (or, how we did it)

how to spend 1 day in St. Louis

So, Monday evening we decided to take a spontaneous trip to St. Louis all day Wednesday because my husband’s FAVORITE BAND EVER was going to be there (birthday gift from me). Then, we used our anniversary money to make this our anniversary trip for this year! And we only had 1 day to plan!



So, we were a little CRAZY. My husband worked both Tuesday and Thursday so we had 1 day in which to drive to St. Louis, enjoy it, and drive back. Since St. Louis is an almost 5 hour drive for us, we planned to leave at 5:30am!!


This picture reminds me of my favorite song, “We’ll Make

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Book Club Fun & DIY Mason Jar Tumblers

DIY Mason Jar Tumblers

Happy Weekend!!

I’m in a book club, and we have the best group of ladies ever!! This last month we wanted to meet and do more than just discuss a book. We wanted to include food, fun, and a little bit of DIY!!


We started planning the food first. I was hosting this meeting and provided  vegetable pasta salad. In addition we had a wonderful meal of fruit, bread, Beer cheese, hummus, and plenty of dessert!



Don’t those Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies look delish? They were. I had three of them…


I love the strawberries

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Summer Goals in review

it's never too late

source from


Giveaway Winner!!

Our Giveaway Winner is Carrie from In the Sweet Sunshine!! Congratulations, Carrie for winning  Your Grocery Budget Toolbox. You should receive an email shortly.

I will be hosting more giveaways to celebrate my blogiversary on September 5th!! Watch for details. July’s Goals list Update

In January, I shared most of my goals for 2012. Then, I broke those goals down into monthly and weekly goals. This summer has been slower going with some of my goals. Summer is just a crazy time of the year: family in town (numerous times), going out of town, helping out at VBS, working, enjoying a staycation – we have been busy!!

Below I’m

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Instagram fun & Men's Daily Photo Challenge

Manstagram image

Hello everyone! I’m not going to be posting the Weekly Grocery Deals or Frugal recipe this week. Tomorrow though, I’m going to share the recipe I used for pickles! Then, on Saturday I’m hosting Romance on a dime’s first giveaway! So excited!!


Today I wanted to put a little plug in for an instagram photo a day challenge my husband came up with. He was envious of the fun I’ve been having with Fatmumslim’s Photo a Day and I’m excited for August!!


He decided that all the Photo challenges out their were too girly and so he created a men’s challenge. He’s going to be hashtagging #manstagram and #manstagramAug .

**This is

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