Why I'm doing Baby-Led Weaning and What it Looks Like

baby-led weaning

Baby-led feeding is the practice of giving your baby soft, palatable whole foods and letting her feed herself her first ‘bites’, while continuing to breastfeed. The theory is that babies will experiment and discover food at their own pace, as well as develop new abilities including chewing and keen hand-eye coordination.

Most babies start their journey with solid food by being spoon-fed their first mouthfuls of pureed food on a date determined by their parents. Some babies are considered a “good eater”, for others it is a struggle to keep the food in their mouth. Often families settle for separate mealtimes and different foods for adults and children.

What happens if you don’t do this? What if you let them

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Baby Boy: 8 months

7 1/2 months

Dear Ain,


Another late post – next week you will be 9 months, but I wanted to record everything you’ve done by 8 months! Here are some milestones that you have reached:

you are sitting up on your own really well now!! you communicate frequently and have said “Da da, Daddy, Ain, and hi!” you definitely communicate your likes and dislikes and push something away from your face or bring it to your mouth you can select a toy to play with you use the “milk” sign frequently – seems like it’s more to communicate “I want”. For instance, you will use it to get our attention and for us to pick you up, not

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