Mess-Free Christmas Handprint Ornament

Mess-free Handprint Ornament

The project was SO EASY to do! So easy that my mom did all the work while I held a slightly squirming 6-month old AND took the pictures!! I LOVE the fact that this project does NOT require getting an infant’s hand dirty with paint!

Mess-Free Christmas Handprint Ornament

Supplies needed:

a glass {or plastic} ornament ball clear embossing ink {such as Versa Mark} embossing powder {color of your choice} q-tip or pencil eraser {to clean it up a bit} embossing heat gun or hair dryer {just test the hair dryer on the embossing powder first}

Once you have all the supplies at the ready, then;

Step 1:

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12 Reasons Why I Have the most Awesome Husband!

We could make the world jealous

Remember how I talked about blessing my husband with the 12 Days of Christmas? Well, the last day I wanted to list 12 Reasons why I have the most awesome husband!


1. He takes life seriously. My husband DEFINITELY takes his responsibilities and roles seriously! I respect him so much for the amazing effort he puts into everything he does. He doesn’t put a half attempt into anything and pushes/inspires me to do the same!

2. Selflessness. I know he isn’t perfect, but my husband is thinking of my needs very frequently. I’ve especially seen more and more examples of this as I’ve been pregnant. He does much to serve me. He will go out of his

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12 Days of Christmas: Blessing My Husband

12 days of Christmas image

Here is my Take it on Tuesday project: This year for Christmastime, I wanted to bless my husband by doing something thoughtful for him. He is the perfect guy for me: strong, yet sensitive, affectionate and understanding. I love him so much, but I don’t often show it in his love language: words of encouragement.

I’m combining what I saw on All Our Days, and the idea of speaking words of encouragement to him. I know that the actual 12 days of Christmas begin on Christmas Day, but ours will run from December 13th through Christmas Eve. Each day my husband will receive a gift and often a note that tells him how much I respect and appreciate him.


12 Days of Christmas: Blessing My Husband

Getting ready for Christmas: 7 ideas

Advent Calendar Box Collage

There are just so many fun Christmas projects that I would LOVE to be able to work on!! And there is not enough time to be getting ready for Christmas! I thought I would share a couple of Christmas projects I spotted that would be easier/less time consuming.


Advent Calendars

1. Last year I made these Advent Calendar Boxes. Each box contains an ornament to hang on the tree and a Scripture verse to go with it! Check out my post on it.



2. Want some more advent calendar ideas? Check out September Acres‘ Round-up of 12 Fun Advent Calendars:



Cone Trees

3. These DIY Paper Cone Trees from The Happy Tulip

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