Knowing Sale Prices

In my first post on Cutting Your Grocery Bill 101 I mentioned that it is important to check your local store sales each week.

Earlier this year, I spent 12+ weeks evaluating the sales in my area in order to compile this buy-price list. This will help to keep me aware of actual sales and more accountable to spend my money wisely. I used my compiled data, with lists from Money Saving MomThe Frugal FindMadame Deals, and Southern Savers.

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Cutting Your Grocery Bill 101


When I got married in the fall of 2010, my husband and I established a budget for groceries and the other main categories in our life. It’s been a learning curve for me as I have picked up couponing and finding deals in the process.

In order to reduce your grocery bill by 50-70%, use your coupons effectively. Instead of using a coupon if it happens to match an item on your grocery list, make your lists based on the sales ads and coupons! I’ll show you how:

I love when the Aldi's ad has these kinds of prices!!


1. Check Sales – each Wednesday I check the mail frequently, until the ads arrive. Even though the Hy-Vee ad looks lovely,

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How can you save more money without being overwhelmed with coupons?

Money Saving Mom (a blog I regularly follow) recently posted this question from one of her readers: “Like many families in this current economy, we struggle just to make ends meet. Paycheck to paycheck is how we have been living.

Due to a slight loss in income, money is tighter than it ever has been. As a result, I find it hard to stockpile. If you don’t have extra money to spend, do you even try to stockpile, or do you just try to save on the items you normally buy?” There are a lot of awesome answers in the comment section. I would advise you to take a look at it!! As you read the rant in my previous post, I sometimes have

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Sometimes…(frustrated by coupons)

(I wrote this blog post several weeks ago after I was talking – well, maybe complaining – to my husband about and he encouraged me to write a post about it. He has been SO ENCOURAGING when it comes to supporting my blog!)

Sometimes I just get too overwhelmed with coupons and deals!

It seems that when I have enough extra money to spend on stockpiling and great deals, I don’t have the right coupons on hand to take advantage of what I see posted online…then, Its seems that when I DO have a LOT of coupons on hand, I don’t have any extra money to use them!

Ahh!! My husband and I have a cash “grocery” budget and a

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