Summer Recipes and Fun Activities

summer berry & plum pudding

Summer is here!! I wanted to celebrate by posting a round up of all the Summer Recipes and Fun Activities I’ve posted in the past.



















Healthy Summer Strawberry Cake

Homemade Gyros














In the mood for a yogurt Popsicle? Try these!










For more recipes, check out my recipes tab!! Fun Activities Plan a Frugal Road trip!

Head to a Farm

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Dating Dime: How to spend 1 day in St. Louis (or, how we did it)

how to spend 1 day in St. Louis

So, Monday evening we decided to take a spontaneous trip to St. Louis all day Wednesday because my husband’s FAVORITE BAND EVER was going to be there (birthday gift from me). Then, we used our anniversary money to make this our anniversary trip for this year! And we only had 1 day to plan!



So, we were a little CRAZY. My husband worked both Tuesday and Thursday so we had 1 day in which to drive to St. Louis, enjoy it, and drive back. Since St. Louis is an almost 5 hour drive for us, we planned to leave at 5:30am!!


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Saturday Spotlight #9: One Mixed Bag

subway foot longs

(Each Saturday, I am featuring a guest post from another blogger covering topics from creative crafts to DIY projects/tips to inspiring stories. Last week Marilyn, from 4 You With Love shared her lovely alcohol ink vase and other projects she’s done with alcohol ink!)


                                          Look at this fantastic line-up:

  June 23rd: Meeha Meeha  June 30th: Mrs. Laura Lynn July 7th: Renewed Upon a Dream


The rest of July looks pretty open!! If you are interested in guest posting for Romance on a Dime, check this post for a list of suggested topics.


Today we have Bernie from One

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Dating Dime: Outside Frugal Summer Date Ideas

frugal summer date ideas

Yesterday my husband and I went on a much-needed spontaneous date!! It was so much fun we didn’t spent any money (except at Costco). I just wanted to share what our “date” looked like and post other frugal date ideas!!




Costco was one of our first dates together. Matt’s dad had given him a membership card and 2 free Costco pizzas – they are HUGE and very tasty!!


For this trip to Costco we just grabbed some of the essentials – milk, cheese, olive oil, oatmeal, and ziplock bags (and snapped a picture).



We went to Costco over lunch time, so between the samples and a footlong Costco hotdog & drink for $1.50

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Simplify Valentine's Day: Frugal Valentine's Day Ideas & 2 printables

movie invite

We are spending little, if no money for Valentine’s Day this year. Last year was kind of special, since it was the first Valentine’s Day as a married couple (and both of us just happened to see items that we just HAD to get the other). This year, we HAVE to stick to our budget.


Here are 10 Fun Frugal Date Night Ideas Staying At Home

One thing that can make home more romantic is changing something up about your routine. Either make a change in location (i.e. eating dinner in the basement) or change something up about the room to make it seem new.


Fort Building and Movie Night

Recently, we pushed the two parts of our sectional together into a bed.

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Dating Dimes: Spontaneous-filled cheap date!!

Celebrating our 10 months of marriage that started on 10/10/10

My husband and I pretty spontaneously decided to go out on a date to celebrate our 10 month anniversary, since Matt might have shows on our 1 year anniversary date. Okay, maybe is wasn’t super spontaneous since we decided to a day ahead to go on a date.

It was the middle of the week and we didn’t want to pay much money, so we decided to have lunch and a movie! Of course, going into it we knew we wanted to use the two $3 off AMC moive coupons we got through buying M & M’s!! But we didn’t know we would end up

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Saturday fun: Picking grapes at the BlueJacket Crossing Vineyard!!

Since I had a friend from out of town visit me this weekend, I spent time looking at all the possible activities we could participate in. I regularly get emails from Pendleton’s Country Market (I’m waiting for another time in which they have the you-pick-and-keep-half-for-free deal, like when my husband and I picked 10 pounds of sugar snap peas!!) This week in their email they mentioned how Bluejacket Crossing Vineyard was having harvest dates in which they invite people to come and help, then feed and serve sangria afterward! Harvest grapes for wine? Free sangria and food? I’m IN!!We showed up at 8:30am to quickly grab

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Chicago Trip! – Dining Experience

As I talked about back in June, in this post, we purchased four gift cards ahead of time. Unlike Lawrence, Chicago has hundreds of restaurants listed on We pick out four we wanted to try, spending a total of $11 on the gift cards worth $100!!

Yesterday, I talked about our visit to Crepe Bistro. Today, I wanted to share the rest of our dining experiences in Chicago.

Edwardo’s Natural Pizza Matt LOVED this stuffed crust pizza!

Edwardo’s looked like your normal sit down pizza place, but their stuffed crust pizzas were awesome!! Shortly after we sat down, when we showed them our gift

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Dating Dimes: Restaurant email clubs & other deals

Often restaurants will email deals or coupons if you just sign up for their eClub. It’s definitely worth it, especially if it’s a restaurant you frequent or love. I signed up for the Noodlegram eClub and got this notification earlier this week: July 7th only, the first 50 people to arrive at their local Noodles & Company will receive a FREE T-shirt good for 10 FREE salads including

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Cheesecake Factory: Half-priced cheesecake on July 30, 2011!!

The end of this month is National Cheesecake Day and the Cheesecake Factory is celebrating by offering all slices of cheesecake for half-price. Dine in only, but no minimum purchase required. I’m sure it’s going to be VERY busy that day, but I am still very tempted to go!!