Self-discipline: My 2013 Word of the Year

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I’ve been doing some thinking on last year’s goals. I was very ambitious in my list and did not complete almost half of my goals. Though I did make some progress and it’s good to map out where you want to go. I just was to ambitious in what I wanted to take on at a time.

Tomorrow I will post last year’s goals recap and this year’s goals. I know I definitely want to cut back on the number of goals I make this year. I want them to be more specific and easier to evaluate whether or not I’m staying on track. Finally, I’ve learned that sometimes my priorities and goals change (like when I got pregnant). I don’t know what motherhood is going to entail

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Menu Planning Monday: Week of 8/8

Food for Thought

Reading some of Kitchen Stewardship’s Monday Missions have been good for me…and hard. Scanning through the list, I found one entitled #13: Plastics, Part two: Rethink Plastic Food Storage. I use a lot of plastic food storage. In fact, I have been washing and re-using plasitc containers for storing dinner leftovers. Of course, I also often use my favorite Pyrex glass containers too!! here is a quote from an entry on plastic safety that gives you good basic information: 

What do microwaves do to plastics? The way BPA (and other random chemicals in our containers) gets into our bodies is by leaching out of the plastic into our foods.  Menu Planning Monday: Week of 8/8

Menu Planning Monday: Week of 8/1

Food for thought:

Last week, I stumbled up, which I love!! I am now subscribed to her blog, in Google Reader, so I might be sharing some of her “Monday Mission” challenges each week with my menus. In her words, “Monday Mission” is about:

“Every Monday, be on the lookout for your mission for the week.  Part of the mission of Kitchen Stewardship is to continuously be making small changes to work toward the goal of truly being a good steward of all four: time, nutrition, environment and budget.”

I found one that I already practice from time to time, just because it saves me money: Shredding Your Own Cheese. I would challenge you to read it.

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