Minimalist Lifestyle: Kitchen


As you may or may not know, we moved into a 3-bedroom townhome last weekend. It’s SO nice to have extra space in the living room, basement, and kitchen. However, that did NOT translate to having more cabinet space – just more floor space. I’m not saying I have a tiny kitchen. It’s a nice size, it’s just hard to fit everything you want into a kitchen (especially when you cook from scratch often). My mom helped me unpack kitchen items the day before we moved all the furniture in. Which was so nice – EXCEPT the day we moved in we found 7 more boxes labeled kitchen. Ahh!

So much stuff!!

I knew a LOT had to go.

Here is a picture of the

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Minimalist Mindset: Kitchen


Hello everyone!! Your assignment for the weekend is to declutter your kitchen! Are you overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Well, I hope to help!!

How to Get Started

Wednesday I gave you a list of 20 + things you can get rid of without even missing. This is a great place to start. Think about these kitchen items. Do you have too many:

glasses/mugs (even if they are sentimental?) tupperware/containers pots and pans vases knives ladles wooden spoons/utensils pitchers measuring spoons and cups wine glasses single purpose appliances (ice cream maker, juicers, deep fryers, etc.) rarely used items (we are getting rid of our George Foreman grill)

After you have though through these items and pulled them out, then go through

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Menu Plan Monday: Holiday Meals


I know it’s been awhile since I’ve shared our menu or the recipes we’ve been enjoying. I’m going to try to share our menu plan about once a month. Here is what we’ve been enjoying lately:

Menu Plan

During Thanksgiving Week, we enjoyed:

Baked Chicken Pasta (I doubled the recipe and froze half of it)

Southwest Chicken Crock Pot Soup

Chicken Potpie Bowls

Pizza Salad

For the Thanksgiving meals I cooked:

Pioneer Woman’s creamy mashed potatoes

Maple Ginger Roasted Vegetables with Pecans (on the right)

low sugar cranberry sauce

skinny pumpkin pie

Meals this week:

Monday: Italian Antipasto Salad

Tuesday: Chicken

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Project Declutter: Fridge Organization


Day 23: Fridge Organization

My fridge is an area that needs constant decluttering attention. As each day passes, there are leftovers ever to be consolidated, expired food to be tossed out, etc. I don’t have any containers to help organize my fridge YET, but with decluttering and grouping, it can look so much better!!

Here is the messy before picture:


As you can see, this was shortly after I went grocery shopping. What’s wrong with this picture?

Vegetables were still in packages, un-cut. We will not eat more veggies unless they are clean and ready to eat! I had made a couple of meals and instead of portioning out the leftovers into serving-size containers (easy to grab and go), the leftovers were still in

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Why I'm doing Baby-Led Weaning and What it Looks Like

baby-led weaning

Baby-led feeding is the practice of giving your baby soft, palatable whole foods and letting her feed herself her first ‘bites’, while continuing to breastfeed. The theory is that babies will experiment and discover food at their own pace, as well as develop new abilities including chewing and keen hand-eye coordination.

Most babies start their journey with solid food by being spoon-fed their first mouthfuls of pureed food on a date determined by their parents. Some babies are considered a “good eater”, for others it is a struggle to keep the food in their mouth. Often families settle for separate mealtimes and different foods for adults and children.

What happens if you don’t do this? What if you let them

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Freezer cooking with Meatless Monday

Freeze Ahead Lasagna

At the beginning of this month I joined in with another friend and did of bunch of freezer cooking. She was more ambitious and planned out a month’s work of cooking – I was only able to do two weeks worth. I actually did it all in one day, but I would advise menu planning and shopping on a separate day from all your chopping and cooking up.

In the spirit of Meatless Monday (as I mentioned last time) – several of the recipes I used were meatless. In fact, for all my meals I ONLY purchased about 2 lbs. of chicken and 2 lbs. of ground beef. That’s saving money!

I made:

– this Freeze Ahead Lasagna – we are having it tonight!!

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Ain's 1st Birthday - Very Hungry Caterpillar!

birthday cake

Ain is now One! The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of my favorite books, and since Ain has had Very Hungry caterpillar toys since birth I thought it would be a great theme for his first birthday! If you are looking for some great ideas, check out my First Birthday Pinterest board – it’s full of Very Hungry Caterpillar themed ideas.



My sister Amy helped me design the cards I sent out to some family (others we just invited via facebook). Here was the inside of the inviation:



I didn’t get a picture taken, but on the drive up to the clubhouse I tied caterpillar balloons to posts, something like this

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Meal Planning: Meatless Monday


Hello all!! My posts have been pretty sporadic as of late. Throughout the summer I wanted to take a little blogging break, plus having a little one around – it really does take a lot of my time up! I feel like I spent so much time around the kitchen table or just in the kitchen, while my little one eats and eats and eats. He is a slower eater, which is actually a good thing in the long run, but it’s time consuming right now.

I used to post my menu plan weekly, on Mondays. I’m not QUITE going to get back into doing that, but I do want to start posting about Meatless Mondays. This fall, in efforts to help us put

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Easy Coconut Date Rolls

coconut date rolls

These are so easy to make and delicious!! Best part about it? No need to add sugar. I definitely crave sweet things, so I like when I can enjoy eating something sweet without worrying about the amount of refined sugar in it. Second best thing? These only require 3 ingredients!!

Coconut Date Rolls 10 oz. pitted dates 1 cup slivered almonds (roasted – optional) 1 cup unsweetened dried coconut flakes (reserve some for rolling) To Make:

Making these Easy Coconut Date Rolls is as easy as 1-2-3!!

1) Put all the ingredients in a food processor.

Blend ingredients until a paste is formed. If it looks a little dry, just add a smallest splash of water.

2) Form

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New Mom Meals and Freezer Cooking


I know at least for me, it wasn’t until 6 weeks postpartum that I wanted to, or had the ability to expanded my mental focus and think about menu planning, grocery shopping, and freezer cooking for our family once again.

New Mom Meals

We were very blessed with lots of family, friends, and church family bringing over meals for us postpartum. There are numerous great websites out there nowadays, but one of them is It’s a great resource to use when organizing meal coordination for the new mom.

You can set up the meal scheduling ahead of time – for example we had set it up for meals to be brought to us Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (then, we also

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