Blogiversary Giveaway #3: Mason Jar Tumblers & Take it on Tuesday blog hop!

DIY Mason Jar Tumblers

Have you been enjoying the week of giveaways? I have!! My 1 year blogiversary is TOMORROW and I’m celebrating by offering 7 giveaways! Don’t miss out. Each day I’ll post something different.



Today’s giveaway are Mason Jar Tumblers!! I made these myself earlier this month and I haven’t stopped drinking from mine yet! I am giving away 2 Mason Jar Tumblers to one person. For those who don’t win, they are pretty easy to make.


Last week I showed you my DIY Kindle Cover. From it, I have leftover book pages. I want to use those for some sort of project, but there is so much to chose from!!

What would you suggest I make with extra book pages?

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Dating Dime: How to spend 1 day in St. Louis (or, how we did it)

how to spend 1 day in St. Louis

So, Monday evening we decided to take a spontaneous trip to St. Louis all day Wednesday because my husband’s FAVORITE BAND EVER was going to be there (birthday gift from me). Then, we used our anniversary money to make this our anniversary trip for this year! And we only had 1 day to plan!



So, we were a little CRAZY. My husband worked both Tuesday and Thursday so we had 1 day in which to drive to St. Louis, enjoy it, and drive back. Since St. Louis is an almost 5 hour drive for us, we planned to leave at 5:30am!!


This picture reminds me of my favorite song, “We’ll Make

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Take it on Tuesday (TIOT) #42: Mounting cabinets in the basement

cabinets finished #1

Please check out and vote on which DIY Kindle case you want me to make!!


WE finally got it done!!!!!!!! I’m so happy!!! So, remember when I showed you my kitchen remodel? That was back in March, right? Ever since then we’ve had our old kitchen cabinets sitting in our basement, ready to be hung.

It just seemed like a daunting task. But we finally got it done!!!

I don’t have a before picture, but believe me our.basement.was.MESSY!! Here is the space after we cleared away the clutter:



We are not experts by any means, but I want to show you how we hung our cabinets. I thought it went really smoothly and I’m

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Take it on Tuesday blog hop #28: Duct Tape Purses

duct tape purses

It’s great to see more new faces this week!! I just love hosting this blog hop and getting the chance to see what projects are out on the blogsphere!!


Again, I’m going to make it my priority this week to follow everyone’s blog and like/follow them on  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. So if you link up, you will be followed! (by me, at least)  If I didn’t follow you last week, I will this week!! Plus, I do pin your projects on my Favorite’s Board.


My Favorite Five!

(You need to have a link back to Romance on a Dime on the project post or sidebar to be featured.)


Katie’s {Creatively Living} The Kitchen Reveal – she has a pretty amazing kitchen!



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10 Easy & Frugal Mother's Day Ideas


As I’ve been thinking about the coming year and gift giving, my plan is to make more presents so we can save money. I still want to give something meaningful and useful, but I would like to spend little, if no money on it. Instead, I’m going to put time, effort, and thought into my gifts.


With Mother’s Day coming up, I set about the task of searching for something perfect for my mom(s). Here are some ideas:


Make a Vintage Bookmark from a single earring, or other jewelry piece! {Country Living}



Cute Bath Jars and label printables!! {The Idea Room}

If you already purchase Starbucks Frappuccinos, then this is nearly free!

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Take it on Tuesday blog hop #19: 52 Reasons I Love You cards

52 reasons I love and respect you

Welcome to Take it on Tuesday!! Here is my project: 52 Reasons I Love You Cards!

You’ve probably seen these cards around Pinterest:



I first pinned this idea in January and knew I wanted to do it for my hubby for Valentine’s Day! His love language is words and I don’t tell him enough why I love him and respect him. So, I decided to make this for him.

Only I didn’t get it done in time for Valentine’s Day. Sigh…

But, it’s done now. And. He. LOVES. It! It sits right at his computer, so he can every day or so, turn one of the pages and be reminded why I love and respect him so

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Take it on Tuesday Blog Hop: Fun Digital Manicure!

from the hybrid chick

This Blog Hop is continuing to grow! Since I have so many active followers on Pinterest, I thought I would start to share some of my favorites from this blog hop there. Start following this board! I’m going to your original post and “pinning it”. Don’t you love Pinterest?

Speaking of…I found this awesome and fun idea via Pinterest!! The Hybrid Chick posted on how she used digital scrapbook paper to give herself a manicure. It looked so fun and easy, I had to try it!!


from the hybrid chick

All you need is:

– light colored nail polish – rubbing alcohol – small cup (to dip a finger in at a time) – laser printer – nail polish top

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A Pinterest ‘How-to’ (and why I love it!)

I absolutely LOVE Pinterest! I’ve discovered so many new recipes, like:- this 3 ingredient ice cream recipe- easy fruit leather

My fancy new trick on how to mark the perfect placement for the picture frame on the wall came from Pinterest. I have many more tips and tricks I’ve learned through looking at all my friend’s pins, like:- putting marshmallows in brown sugar to keep the sugar soft- how to keep berries from growing moldy- putting newspaper in storage containers to keep it odor-free

Pinterest is a great resource. I cant easily spend a lot of time looking at recipes, ideas, cleaning tips, inspiration, fashion trends, and DIY projects I want to try! Then, instead of bookmarking the site, I

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Take it on Tuesday: Headboard Finally Finished!

headboard image

To read the post about the beginnings of my DIY headboard project, click here.

Headboard before picture

I had thought to use what resources I had on hand, since I didn’t have much extra money to spend on projects. We had leftover stain from staining our wine shelf in the kitchen. I spent time Googling staining over stained wood and finish. Everything mentioned having to completely sanding off the finish (or soaking it in paint thinner to take off the finish), so that the new stain would soak into the wood; then re staining; and finally adding finish again.

I knew that since I got these cabinet doors from habitat ReStore and was just making them into a

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Take it on Tuesday: Headboard Part 1

Probably my dream headboard would look something like this:

Pinterest But, in reality, what would be the best for us and cheapest? Originally, I had thought to make this headboard out of cabinet doors I bought from Habitat ReStore. But it’s WAY too complicated for me and that is why I never got around to it. So, I thought I would search the internet for other ways to put together a headboard out of cabinet doors. I found Centsational Girl’s easy tutorial on how to put fabric around around each cabinet door and then hang on the wall with D ring hanging brackets. Now how simple would that be? Sounded easy enough! Yet, with the

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