12 Reasons Why I Have the most Awesome Husband!

We could make the world jealous

Remember how I talked about blessing my husband with the 12 Days of Christmas? Well, the last day I wanted to list 12 Reasons why I have the most awesome husband!


1. He takes life seriously. My husband DEFINITELY takes his responsibilities and roles seriously! I respect him so much for the amazing effort he puts into everything he does. He doesn’t put a half attempt into anything and pushes/inspires me to do the same!

2. Selflessness. I know he isn’t perfect, but my husband is thinking of my needs very frequently. I’ve especially seen more and more examples of this as I’ve been pregnant. He does much to serve me. He will go out of his way to show care and concern for me.

3. Loving. Matt definitely shows a sacrificial love for me many times. He is willing to brave the cold so

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