Project Declutter: Plan of Action

project declutter

It’s finally that time! I’m going to spend the next 31 Days decluttering my home and blogging about it! Wish me luck – it’s going to be a LOT of work, but I’m going to be SO happy about the results!!

The Process: Step 1) Gather boxes, trash bag, and a tray for papers to file.

I labeled each box: one for items to give or sell, one for items to put away, and one for things I’m going to upcycle (i.e. DIY/craft supplies).

Step 2) Have paper ready, to list:

– big projects to tackle – furniture to sell – things to do – organization things to buy (I’m going to IKEA this month!!!)

Step 3) Tackle a room, or a section of a room and:

Set the timer for 30-50 minutes.

(I think I’m going to go with 50 minutes time around.) Take this 50

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31 Days to Declutter the house - Project Declutter

project declutter

I’m doing it again. For a 4th year in a row – 31 Days. If you are not sure what it is, check out the link. I’ll be writing every day for the month of October on one topic – decluttering the house. I’m calling it Project Declutter. My goal is to make it through every room in the house and purge! I try to do this twice a year and I did do it last back in May (although it wasn’t quite a complete job). It’s time again.


Come back and visit on October 1st and I’ll describe the process and the schedule for working through the whole house!!


Ain's 1st Birthday - Very Hungry Caterpillar!

birthday cake

Ain is now One! The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of my favorite books, and since Ain has had Very Hungry caterpillar toys since birth I thought it would be a great theme for his first birthday! If you are looking for some great ideas, check out my First Birthday Pinterest board – it’s full of Very Hungry Caterpillar themed ideas.



My sister Amy helped me design the cards I sent out to some family (others we just invited via facebook). Here was the inside of the inviation:



I didn’t get a picture taken, but on the drive up to the clubhouse I tied caterpillar balloons to posts, something like this (source):


The birthday boy, coming home from church, ALMOST ready for the party:



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Ain Levi - One year!!


Dear Ain,

Your 1 year birthday has come and gone (post on that a little bit later)!! Crazy! I can’t believe how much has happened in one year – and now the start of your second year of life. I hope it is just as fun!!

Taken by Ad Astra Photography

Mobility: You are crawling like crazy, pulling up to standing, and are climbing the stairs easily (with encouragement).

Sleep: Because of your activity, sometimes you don’t want to slow down long enough for naps. You take one, sometimes two naps and then go to bed around 7:30pm.

Play: You are content playing on your own, but you LOVE playing with others. You peruse books, talk to the ceiling or lights, bang blocks together, pull up to standing,

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Treat Yourself: Herbal Bath Teas


As a mom, I have a new appreciation for taking long, luxurious baths…

especially when I can toss in a bath tea or two and let my body soak in moisturizing and soothing essential oils!! Such a treat!


A fellow work-at-home mom I know, Megan, has been making and selling body care products with essential oils. Talk about brilliant!! Since I’ve been growing in my love for natural living I’ve definitely wanted to get into essential oils. I just need the money to spend and I’m all over it!

I had the opportunity to try out a few of Megan’s products (check out her fb page: Serene Essentials for more details)! She has so many: Sunscreen, shower steamers, Aromatherapy necklaces, lotion bars, sitz bath teas, and lip balm just to name a few. I really want to try out

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May: Set up a Routine

Chore Checklist Widget

Step 1: Declutter the whole house

So, last month our community hosted a neighborhood garage sale and it was a GREAT excuse and created a limited time table for us to quickly go through the house and declutter. It was awesome!! However, we did not have too much time to reorganize or find places for everything. PLUS last week we had a slight water leak in our basement and so now that part of our storage area is chaotic.

Step 2: Set up a Routine

I’ve decided to go all digital. I’ve tried various apps, but for this time I’ve decided to go with Chore Checklist. I’ve never used it before, but I’ve set everything up and I think it’s going to work well. It’s very versatile and only $1.50 for the full version.

The free version looked really good too – it just doesn’t

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Baby Boy: 7 months

2014-01-25 03.46.01

Dear Ain,

Wow – 7 months already (well, really 7 and a half months, since this post is late)!! Here are some milestones that you have reached:

you said your first word! you definitely communicate your likes and dislikes and push something away from your face or bring it to your mouth you can select a toy to play with make connections between actions and words: you understand the word and sign for “milk” exploring the sounds you can make – shrieking LOUDLY now! sitting up on your own for a little bit at a time bringing food and objects up to your mouth you are showing so much character!



Sleep: You do a great job falling asleep on your own –

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Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge: Day 4


Want to check out this challenge? Hop on over Money Saving Mom’s blog to join in on the Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge this week!!

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge: Day 4 Use Your Minutes Wisely

As I talked about yesterday, sometimes it seems like days just rush by so quickly (like today!!). If you want to be productive in your day, then take advantage of the tiny blocks up time that pop up throughout your day.

It easy to mindlessly hop onto facebook, or instagram, or other social network for the umptenth time that day. But, think about what you could do with a few extra minutes:

– change the laundry over to the dryer – clean up the dishes in the sink (so they don’t pile up) – tidy a room – go through the mail – file

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Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge: Day 3


Want to check out this challenge? Hop on over Money Saving Mom’s blog to join in on the Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge this week!!

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge: Day 3 Create a Successful Morning Routine

Do you feel like your days are “busy” doing something, and yet you are somehow always behind and disorganized? Do you feel like you cannot cram anything more into your hectic days? Do you feel like you’re always running around in circles?

You need a routine. I know for me (when I stick to a routine), my day feels more peaceful and I feel like I know what I’ve accomplished for the day.

How do you come up with a successful morning routine? Follow these steps:

Step 1: Brainstorm a list of things you would like to do each morning, then pare that list down. Take to

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Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge: Day 2


Want to check out this challenge? Hop on over Money Saving Mom’s blog to join in on the Say Goodbye to Survival Mode Challenge this week!!

Yesterday the challenge was to Just Say No. I wrote a list off all I wanted to accomplish today and then I chose 3 things to cross of my list. This helps us to practice  learning to evaluate our activities and commitments. I chose to cross off:

1) Send out thank-you notes. Yes, these have been on my to-do list for awhile, but today I need to tackle more pressing matters that I have also been putting off.

2) Creating a flyer for our business. My goal is to accomplish this sometime this week. But not today.

3) Being on the computer after 6 p.m. (This idea is from Money Saving

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