Book Club Fun & DIY Mason Jar Tumblers

DIY Mason Jar Tumblers

Happy Weekend!!

I’m in a book club, and we have the best group of ladies ever!! This last month we wanted to meet and do more than just discuss a book. We wanted to include food, fun, and a little bit of DIY!!


We started planning the food first. I was hosting this meeting and provided  vegetable pasta salad. In addition we had a wonderful meal of fruit, bread, Beer cheese, hummus, and plenty of dessert!



Don’t those Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies look delish? They were. I had three of them…


I love the strawberries on top!!


Then there was our Beer Cheese, Hummus, and M&Ms spread out on the coffee table..



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Instagram fun & Men's Daily Photo Challenge

Manstagram image

Hello everyone! I’m not going to be posting the Weekly Grocery Deals or Frugal recipe this week. Tomorrow though, I’m going to share the recipe I used for pickles! Then, on Saturday I’m hosting Romance on a dime’s first giveaway! So excited!!


Today I wanted to put a little plug in for an instagram photo a day challenge my husband came up with. He was envious of the fun I’ve been having with Fatmumslim’s Photo a Day and I’m excited for August!!


He decided that all the Photo challenges out their were too girly and so he created a men’s challenge. He’s going to be hashtagging #manstagram and #manstagramAug .

**This is not for men only, but rather it is tailored so that men will enjoy it. ie.  Not required to take a picture of a heart

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June in Review & July Goals

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source from


June’s Goals list Update

In January, I shared most of my goals for 2012. Then, I broke those goals down into monthly and weekly goals. For the month of May I achieved most of my goals through the accountability of posting it here, and with the encouragement of my husband!


This month I didn’t do as well, but I did spend the first few days of it on vacation and had family in town for a week. I’m excited for July – each month and each week is a fresh start!!


Here’s June’s goal list with updates in blue next to each item: Faith

1. Pray every evening with my husband. - We prayed most evenings. There were events which caused one of use to go to bed earlier than the other, so it wasn’t every evening.

2. Bible

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