Freezer cooking with Meatless Monday

Freeze Ahead Lasagna

At the beginning of this month I joined in with another friend and did of bunch of freezer cooking. She was more ambitious and planned out a month’s work of cooking – I was only able to do two weeks worth. I actually did it all in one day, but I would advise menu planning and shopping on a separate day from all your chopping and cooking up.

In the spirit of Meatless Monday (as I mentioned last time) – several of the recipes I used were meatless. In fact, for all my meals I ONLY purchased about 2 lbs. of chicken and 2 lbs. of ground beef. That’s saving money!

I made:

– this Freeze Ahead Lasagna – we are having it tonight!!

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Meal Planning: Meatless Monday


Hello all!! My posts have been pretty sporadic as of late. Throughout the summer I wanted to take a little blogging break, plus having a little one around – it really does take a lot of my time up! I feel like I spent so much time around the kitchen table or just in the kitchen, while my little one eats and eats and eats. He is a slower eater, which is actually a good thing in the long run, but it’s time consuming right now.

I used to post my menu plan weekly, on Mondays. I’m not QUITE going to get back into doing that, but I do want to start posting about Meatless Mondays. This fall, in efforts to help us put

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