Pregnancy #2: Week 27

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely been craving sweet things lately, especially with all the Christmas cookies, etc. being pinned on Pinterest!! And, I’ve given in to the cravings and have been making sweet things a LOT. (Don’t worry, I’ve given some of it away, but we still have too much in our house.) My latest favorite was the Cranberry Christmas cake – it’s so good and not too sweet. I love the tangy-ness of the cranberries with the sweet cake!! It’s moist and amazing – check it out!!


Well, on to the pregnancy update:

Week 27

How I feel/slept – Getting pretty tired most days now. I’m definitely in my 3rd trimester now!! The past three nights in a row I’ve woken up at 3:30am and have not been able to fall asleep again for a couple of hours. When I finally

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What You Will Need the First Couple of Months of Motherhood

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**This post does contain Amazon affiliate links. I will get a very small percentage if you click to Amazon and buy something. Thanks for helping this mom stay at home with her babies!I want to make this as comprehensive a list as possible, without being overwhelming…

Necessities Place for baby to sleep (Crib, Bassinet, Co-Sleeper or Sleeper Area for your bed) – We chose to buy a Pack ‘n Play (we got the Elite, but I’d recommend the Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat one!) that has an infant bassinet so we could have it right by our bed. Once he outgrew the bassinet, we just put him in the pack ‘n play part. We also got one that has a changing table and organizer attached to it. This made it easy for us in the first few weeks when I didn’t want to go up and down the

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Pregnancy #2: It's a... (week 24)


Hello all – it’s been a bit of a quiet month here because we went on a CRUISE!! It was our babymoon before baby #2 comes. We left Ain behind with Grandparents, so it was a nice, relaxing, connecting time with the hubby! I would not do it pregnant again though – my ankles and hands were swollen so bad they were uncomfortable and I couldn’t spend that much time walking around in the heat of Mexico, Grand Cayman Island, and Jamaica. We did have incredible views, though and I LOVED eating all the time!! And we had a room with a balcony!!


Last time I updated you on this pregnancy was when I was 20 weeks along. I haven’t been taking bump pictures at much this pregnancy. I’ve just taken pictures at 14 weeks, 17 weeks, 20 weeks, 21 weeks, and 24 weeks

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Pregnancy #2: Week 20

20 weeks - Edited

Hello all! So, I’m definitely not updating you all as much during this pregnancy, as I was with my first pregnancy. Haha. Last time I shared I was just 14 weeks along. I also haven’t been taking as many bump pictures. I’ve just taken pictures at 14 weeks, 17 weeks, and 20 weeks so far.


Week 20

How I feel – Pretty good, pretty normal. Last pregnancy about this time I was having pretty bad round ligament pain. This time I haven’t felt much yet. Maybe it’s still coming…just later.

Total weight gain/loss? – Last pregnancy I had gained 11 pounds by this time. This time around I’ve only gained 6 pounds (although I did start this pregnancy 10 pounds

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Why I'm doing Baby-Led Weaning and What it Looks Like

baby-led weaning

Baby-led feeding is the practice of giving your baby soft, palatable whole foods and letting her feed herself her first ‘bites’, while continuing to breastfeed. The theory is that babies will experiment and discover food at their own pace, as well as develop new abilities including chewing and keen hand-eye coordination.

Most babies start their journey with solid food by being spoon-fed their first mouthfuls of pureed food on a date determined by their parents. Some babies are considered a “good eater”, for others it is a struggle to keep the food in their mouth. Often families settle for separate mealtimes and different foods for adults and children.

What happens if you don’t do this? What if you let them learn about handling food at their own pace?

You may ask “What if he is not getting enough nutrition?” The reason baby-led weaning works so

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What to do on a Saturday with no car...

2014-09-27 10.52.26

What do you do when you just need to get OUT of the house, but you have no car? You:

walk to the nearest grocery store to buy bread you need, then on the spur of the moment jog downtown where things are hopping We visited the Farmer’s Market

tried a breakfast sausage (Ain kept asking for more)

then visit the local library sale

then jog home again. This is the distance I traveled today (except it really was over the course of 3 hours – I paused the time when I wasn’t jogging)!!



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Introducing Toddler Tuesday + Baby Bump!!


If you follow me on Instagram, you MAY have seen the news. Last we on Facebook we announced it, and now we are making it blog-official – WE ARE PREGNANT!!


We are so excited for our new little one, coming at the end of March 2015!!! Today I am officially 14 weeks and starting my second trimester. I’m glad to be past the nausea and aversion to food. Let me tell you, morning sickness is a bit rougher when you have a toddler that you are trying to encourage to eat. The peanut butter smell made me nauseous, but since pb & j is one of the things Ain will eat consistently, I had to put up with it (or feed him something else and Daddy would feed Ain pb &j in the evenings)!

So, I’m not going to update you weekly, like I did last

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Ain Levi - One year!!


Dear Ain,

Your 1 year birthday has come and gone (post on that a little bit later)!! Crazy! I can’t believe how much has happened in one year – and now the start of your second year of life. I hope it is just as fun!!

Taken by Ad Astra Photography

Mobility: You are crawling like crazy, pulling up to standing, and are climbing the stairs easily (with encouragement).

Sleep: Because of your activity, sometimes you don’t want to slow down long enough for naps. You take one, sometimes two naps and then go to bed around 7:30pm.

Play: You are content playing on your own, but you LOVE playing with others. You peruse books, talk to the ceiling or lights, bang blocks together, pull up to standing,

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Treat Yourself: Herbal Bath Teas


As a mom, I have a new appreciation for taking long, luxurious baths…

especially when I can toss in a bath tea or two and let my body soak in moisturizing and soothing essential oils!! Such a treat!


A fellow work-at-home mom I know, Megan, has been making and selling body care products with essential oils. Talk about brilliant!! Since I’ve been growing in my love for natural living I’ve definitely wanted to get into essential oils. I just need the money to spend and I’m all over it!

I had the opportunity to try out a few of Megan’s products (check out her fb page: Serene Essentials for more details)! She has so many: Sunscreen, shower steamers, Aromatherapy necklaces, lotion bars, sitz bath teas, and lip balm just to name a few. I really want to try out

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Baby Boy: 11 months


Dear Ain,

photo credit – Ad Astra Photography

Mobility: You are starting to get more mobile!! You are a rolling maniac now – rolling in both directions!! You can also scoot backwards on your tummy, but then get stuck since you can’t move forwards.

Sleep: Because of your activity – sleeping during the day is hard for you now. You just want to practice rolling and moving about. It takes you a long time to settle down. You have gotten your legs stuck between the bars on your crib several times.

At night you sleep well – except for that week and a half of teething – that was rough!! Your top two teeth came in 2 days apart and are very big!

Baby Boy: 11 months