Project Declutter: Nursery Expedit


Day 10: Nursery Expedit

So happy to be done with the nursery!! It is my favorite room in the house – I love all the colors and when it is picked up, it is so peaceful!! So, let’s show you the progress I made today. Here is the before of the expedit and all of Ain’s toys:


Since the closet was already done, I was just focusing on everything in the Expedit. I got rid of the random baskets on top. I will LOVE to re-purpose them somewhere else in the house! Since I had the space, I wanted to make it pretty as well as functional. Here is how it turned out:


I’m thankful

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Project Declutter: Nursery Closet


Day 9: Nursery Closet

While I’m still brainstorming how I’m going to organize my Expedit, I decided to tackle the nursery closet today. Here was the messy before:


It was actually somewhat organized, but I was not really taking full advantage of the space. I had recently gotten the white 3-drawer container at a garage sale and hadn’t put it to use yet. First, I consolidated all my gift bags (I have a lot I’m keeping). I had a tall basket I wasn’t using, but I put the bags inside the basket. And then remember all the bags of clothes I recently got from a friend?


I was able to put the bigger size

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Project Declutter: Nursery Organization


Day 8: Nursery Organization

This is the messiest room in the house!! It desperately needs organizing AND decluttering. Especially since recently a friend of mine gave me even more boy clothes – yay!! Now, just to fit it in the space. The blue bins I just recently got from IKEA. They are all empty right now, I just need to brainstorm what I want to put in each and how to organize everything. Any ideas?


Today, I decided I needed to start with his clothes, since many of the clothes we have out are getting too short for him. Plus – it’s disorganized. Look at it!


I have a huge box full of clothes he

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Baby Boy Nursery


So, if you’ve been following Romance on a dime you’ll know that we were expecting a Baby Girl. Weeks ago we completed her nursery – the colors were gray, yellow, and pink. I wanted it to be elegant and peaceful.

Then Baby Boy arrived – surprise!! We had so many girls’ clothes and girl stuff. My mom helped me pack it away. Thankfully, our family and friends have been very generous in giving us some boys’ clothes and other items.

I’m really glad we went with gray walls and had a lot of yellow in the room. We decided to replace all the pink in the room with blue. Let me show you some before and after photos.



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Welcome to the World Ain Levi Pool!

baby Ain

Welcome Baby Boy!



Boy, were you a surprise! Ain Levi Pool (pronounced ‘long A’ and the word ‘in’) was born on Monday, June 24th. His names mean ‘Merciful’ and “Gift of God’. He certainly is a gift. But, he was a surprise as we were expecting a girl (that’s what the 18 week sonogram showed).

He was 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 21 inches long – same size as his Daddy when he was born! It was a LONG labor – 27 hours and 21 of those hours I was in active labor! I am so thankful to have given birth at the New Birth Company in Overland Park and to have the staff there, my

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Romance on a Dime Nursery Reveal!

frame over crib

I am SOO EXCITED to show you the nursery!! ***UPDATE: We had a boy, not a girl! So, here is how I changed it.

It is finally done – all details in place (minus a name banner which I might add later above the changing table).

Nursery Reveal

About six months ago our office resided in the room that is now our Nursery. Here is what it looked like:



And the other side of the room was a MESS!



We first spent time decluttering it, which I show before and after pictures here. Then, with the help of a friend, I painted the room gray and

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Week 37 of Pregnancy

pack 'n play

Hello all! I finished week 37 of my pregnancy! Only 2 more weeks until the due date – but we are as ready as we can be!!

How I feel

I’m a lot less stressed because over the last two weeks we have gotten so much accomplished!! Over the 4-day Memorial weekend my husband and I (with 2 piano lessons thrown in there) completed the nursery, spent our gift cards and have all the “needed” items purchased. A couple things will arrive in the mail this coming Monday.

I’ve been still feeling pretty good and sleeping pretty well (only waking up for about 1-2 hours each night). My feet are pretty swollen so I’m staying out of the heat and propping my feet up when

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Week 33 of Pregnancy

Week 33

Hello all! I finished week 33 of my pregnancy! Can you believe my due date is less than two months away!?

How I feel

I’ve DEFINITELY been getting into the nesting mode, and enjoying it! (See more below in “Best Moment this week”). I’m now ready to have the baby yet, but I just want to spend all my time reading and prepping for a baby coming! Why didn’t I have this drive 2nd trimester? Weird. Right now I feel anxious to be done with work, so I can nest. Maybe if I wasn’t working, I would be anxious to have the baby. So work keeping me busy right now is good.


Total weight gain/loss? I gained 1 pound this week!! Overall now I’ve gained 23

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Nursery Project #3: DIY Baby Armoire

DIY Baby Armoire

I’m so excited to show this project off!! Creating this has been on my mind almost since we found out we were having a girl back in January! I needed a cute way to show off all the adorable outfits and dresses we would be receiving!!

DIY Baby Armoire

I saw this idea to redo a bookcase on Pinterest and immediately added it to my Pinterest Nursery board. If you have been reading my bump updates you know we’ve been searching to buy a used bookcase for some time, but I just couldn’t wait any longer and my parents (they are awesome!!) decided they would like to help us get this big item. Off to Target we went to get a bookcase!

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Week 32 of Pregnancy

organizing cloth diapers

Hello all! It’s time for a pregnancy update! Can you believe my due date is less than two months away!?

How I feel

I’ve DEFINITELY been getting into the nesting mode!! Every morning this week I’ve woken up with something on my mind and the urge to organize or nest! Monday and Tuesday my mind was on making a list of things I needed to “buy” to organize the nursery. However, since we don’t have  a lot of money I spent the time I had “pinning”  to my nursery board and brainstorming ways to make our space work. Check out my new pins!!

Here are some of my favorite ideas:

This headband holder from Tinker with This

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