Summer Recipes and Fun Activities

summer berry & plum pudding

Summer is here!! I wanted to celebrate by posting a round up of all the Summer Recipes and Fun Activities I’ve posted in the past.



















Healthy Summer Strawberry Cake

Homemade Gyros














In the mood for a yogurt Popsicle? Try these!










For more recipes, check out my recipes tab!! Fun Activities Plan a Frugal Road trip!

Head to a Farm

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Pendleton's Country Market: Butterfly Bio-Villa + FREE Green Beans & Okra!

kids looking down

Hello everyone! This week I wanted to highlight Pendleton’s Country Market and my trip to their Butterfly Bio-Villa.

About Pendleton’s Country Market

Pendleton’s is a local family farm that started about 40 years ago. I love to visit the Pendleton’s booth at Lawrence’s Farmer’s Market as well as just driving out. It is located less than 2 miles east of Lawrence on K-10.

Here’s a snapshot of what their website looks like:



As you can tell, they always have a lot going on:

Fresh produce & pick-your-own options! Country Market CSA Fresh flowers Butterfly Bio-villa with tours for classes Workshops Pumpkin Patch & Maze variety of groups activities


Butterfly Bio-Villa

A couple of years ago, I took my 3rd

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Menu Planning Monday: Week of April 2nd & Asparagus Pizza

asparagus pizza

Don’t forget to link up to the Spring is Here Pinterest Party!! Favorite Lunch of last week: Taco Salad (recipe in last week’s Menu Plan) This week’s menu…




Lunch: Bean & Cheese Freezer Burritos

Dinner: Volumetric Burgers & Creamy & Crunchy Potato Salad



Lunch: Chef’s Salad & Homemade Hummus

Dinner: Light & Fresh Vegetable Soup & Sandwich:

– 2 slices whole-wheat bread, 4 slices deli-thin lean smoked turkey breast, 2 pieces lettuce, 3 slices tomato, 1 Tbl. alfalfa sprouts, 1 oz. reduced-fat Cheddar cheese, 2 tsp. mustard


Lunch: Hummus-Stuffed Tortillas

Dinner: Asparagus Pizza



Lunch: Spinach Salad & Pitas

Dinner: Bean & Cheese Freezer Burritos


***Update: Check

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I’ve been doing a lot of different things lately, so I thought I would post a blog of mainly pictures of some of the activities! Working on my flower garden

Getting obsessed withwearing flowers in myshort hair (and thereforegoogling hair accessoriesfor a couple of hours…)

New table and chairs for ourkitchen (opens

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