30 before 30 list

30 before 30-3

I am definitely a list maker at heart. I L-O-V-E making lists.

In fact, I have been SOO looking forward to this point in my life (just ask my husband) in which I can write a list of 30 things I want to accomplish before I turn 30!!

The lists I make are often unachievable, because there is just so much I want to do, and I am often too optimistic about what I can fit into my life. So, for many of these goals I have listed both a task I KNOW I can accomplish and one I would like to accomplish that fits into the same category.

And… The List! :








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10 Easy & Frugal Mother's Day Ideas


As I’ve been thinking about the coming year and gift giving, my plan is to make more presents so we can save money. I still want to give something meaningful and useful, but I would like to spend little, if no money on it. Instead, I’m going to put time, effort, and thought into my gifts.


With Mother’s Day coming up, I set about the task of searching for something perfect for my mom(s). Here are some ideas:


Make a Vintage Bookmark from a single earring, or other jewelry piece! {Country Living}



Cute Bath Jars and label printables!! {The Idea Room}

If you already purchase Starbucks Frappuccinos, then this is nearly free!

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Ultimate Blog Party Post

I heard, that the Ultimate Blog Party was going on….



and I wanted to join!! I cant miss out on anything fun!

Hello everyone!! For those that are visiting Romance on a Dime for the first time, I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Betsy and I still consider myself a newlywed (been married since 10/10/10).


I am an Elementary teacher by training, but right now I’m FULLY enjoying my life as a piano teacher and private tutor! I love my husband to death (who just graduated with a B.S. in Theater, Culture, & Society). He makes me laugh often. We are opposites in many ways, but complement each other so well!


I am very goal driven and love

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Kitchen Remodel, Organization, & Pinterest Party!!

I dig green button

Hello everyone!!


For those that are new to Romance on a Dime, I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Betsy, still a newlywed (been married since 10/10/10).


I am very goal driven and love to blog about my pursuits, be it cooking, healthy living, organizing, setting goals, upcycling, or trying my hand at DIY projects.


I weekly give you my menu plan and host a blog hop: Take it on Tuesday. I just love seeing all the projects everyone is working on!! I regularly pin my favorites here and feature 5 projects each week. Last Tuesday I talked about the remodeling that was going on in our home.


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Take it on Tuesday Blog Hop: DIY Home Management Binder

Home Management Binder

Happy Tuesday everyone! As you may remember, each week I select one or two to feature, but I’m also pinning many more here. My favorite project last week was: NZ Ecochick’s Garden Spoon Labels!



DIY Home Management Binder /Planner Update: There are 3 new printables at the bottom of this post!!! New Update: Check out my Daily Goals list Printable!

I spent a lot of time looking through all the ideas for printable planners, home binders, lists, and daily to do sheets I could find. I did go back and forth about whether I wanted a planner that fit into my purse or not (last year my planner did). I finally decided to

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