Menu Plan Monday: Once a Month Cooking Plan & May Goals

BBQ Chicken Pizza

For the month of April we took on a “once a month grocery shopping budget plan”. Meaning, we spent the majority of our money the first week of the month and stocked up. Then, I was left with $16 per week to spend for the rest of the month. I planned each week’s menu week by week, looking at sales and what we had on hand. We did well! I only took $2 out of our cash general funds the last week.


This month, I want to try the “once a month menu planning” as well as the “once a month budget”. I will also be working on calculating the cost of every meal we make, so that in future months I can be

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Take it on Tuesday blog hop #25: Daily Goals List Printables

daily goals list

Hello all you wonderful people! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was wonderfully restful (well, Sunday was restful). It’s nice to have those every once in awhile.


I love seeing all your projects! You all are very inspiring. I do pin your projects on my Favorite’s Board.

For those that love parties, especially Pinterest Parties, please link up to my Spring is Here Pinterest Party (the linky will close on the 22nd)!!


I am in need of guest posts! I want to feature a guest post every Saturday, or at least every other Saturday! Email me if you are interested!!


Now for my Favorite Five!

(You need to have a link back to Romance on a Dime

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Simplify: Project Declutter

project declutter

I’ve been mentioning in several posts about how we’ve taken on the task of going through each room in our house and decluttering. (I’ve gotten this idea from Money Saving Mom’s book.)



We first gathered boxes together and labeled them as:

– Sell/Give away

– Put away

– Upcycle (or this could be called craft/DIY supplies)

– Trash (in a bag)

– File (tray)


Then, we had two scratch pieces of paper to list out:

– Big Projects to Tackle

– Furniture to sell

– Things to do

– Organizational things to buy


Tackle each room:

1. Set the timer for 30 minutes.

Take this 30 minutes to look throw everything in the room and decide whether you

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Money Saving Mom's Budget review & Giveaway!!


“Streamline your life and cut the clutter. You might have great intentions, but if you’re drowning in clutter, it won’t work.”


The Money $aving Mom’s Budget

I have been a follower of the blog Money Saving Mom, by Crystal Paine for a little over a year. Her blog was one of the first blogs I started reading. It was after reading Crystal’s blog and others that I first wanted to blog more myself. I have been so inspired by her over this last year.

So it came as no surprise to my husband when I wanted to buy Crystal’s book The Money $aving Mom’s Budget as soon as it came out last January. However, since I’m the type of

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10 Goals for This Week

Yesterday I posted my goals for the year (better late than never – right?) and soon I’ll post goals for the month of March. Also, each week I will plan on blogging about my 10 Weekly Goals. By breaking down my goals to manageable bit size pieces, I’m more likely to follow through. Here are my goals for this week:


(Side note: Normally I post my Menu Plan for the week on Mondays. This week I’m getting my kitchen put back together, so I don’t have a menu plan ready.)


Wife/Marriage Goals

1. Ask my husband daily: “Is there anything I can do for you today?”


Home Management Goals

2. Put kitchen back in order and organize (post on that Thursday)


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Goals for 2012

I know it’s already the end of February and not New Year’s day, when we are supposed to making resolutions. But, better late than never – right? Tomorrow (Monday) and each week I will be posting Weekly Goals – this will help me accomplish these broader goals.


**Stay tuned for a Pinterest Party I will be hosting each Sunday for the month of March!! Here’s a hint**


Wife/Marriage Goals

– Go on a planning weekend (overnight trip with hubby for planning, talking, goal accountability) – Have monthly date nights – Read at least two books on marriage – Ask my husband daily: “Is there anything I can do for you today?” – Complete Resolutions for Women


Home Management Goals

– Organize

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Simplify: Create a De-Stress List

I have followed Money Saving Mom® almost a year now and have learned much. Crystal’s articles on Time Management have been in inspiration to me, but it’s still one of those things that takes time, putting it into practice and sometimes learning the hard way.

Even though I know that “I can’t do it all”, sometimes I plan like I can do it all. I am over ambitious and it takes me longer than the average person to figure out what I can or can’t do with my time. It is VERY important to determine your priorities, so you don’t get stressed with everything that you COULD be doing.


Learning the Hard Way


Last fall was one of those times in my life

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Priorities – Goals for December


My last post about goals was for the Month of October. I don’t know how November got away from me so fast!! I DID write done goals for November, just never posted them.

This list of goals I will try to prioritize, because most of the time they are not time sensitive, but still very important.

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Priorities – Goals for October


I think I often confuse goals with what’s on my to-do list (which I always have a million and one things I want to do)!!

I sat down this morning and came up with goals for the month of October. Then, as each week approaches I will set goals for that week that link up with my monthly goal.

***As you will notice this list does not include anything for my blog. My blog has been more my hobby/obsession lately. I WILL get things done for my blog (i.e. my 31 Day series) and I consider that list to-do’s.

This list of goals I will try to prioritize, because most of the time they are not time sensitive, but still very important.

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