Project Declutter: Tour


Hello all!! I just wanted to write this post as kind of a wrap up for my 31 day decluttering challenge. I’m here to show you my little, lovely house as is – post challenge. I’ve loved the space we have gained and I’m going to work hard to keep it up!! So, without further ado, here’s my townhome.

Master Bedroom




And closet








Living Room







So that’s everything!!


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Project Declutter: Completed!


Well, I finished decluttering the whole house and just a few days early!! So, yesterday I posted about some of my favorite declutter/organizing blogs. I hope it inspired you.

Today, I just want to wrap up the series by listing out the projects I want to complete around my house and some organizing products I know I’ll be looking for.


Nursery – sew covers for Drona boxes, organize ribbon and after Christmas I will downsize all my wrapping stuff

Kitchen – install locks on some cabinet doors, find an under the kitchen sink organizer

Basement – scan in pictures/old documents, use Christmas stuff or get rid of them (tins, pampered chef, chargers, etc.)

Products I’ll be looking for (a good price): baskets under the kitchen sink storage ribbon organizer fridge containers bench with shoe storage (like this one from IKEA!) more food storage containers

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Project Declutter Inspiration!!


Maybe I should have started this 31 day challenge with this post, but I’m hoping that as October closes and November starts you are motivated to declutter your own home. If you are, follow this fantastic guide from Pop Sugar:


If you are wanting to download the printable, head over to Pop Sugar!!


Or, if you want to start simple, check out this 5 Daily Habits for a Clean House!! It’s so good and helps you really break down and plan when to pick up.

Houses, Organized Room by Room

Check out this house – it is beautiful and organized. Kate shows you how she simplified and organized her house, room by room. It’s my inpsiration!!


How I Organized my Entire Life – If you haven’t seen this before – check it out!!

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Project Declutter: Freezer


Day 28: Freezer

It didn’t take too long to clean out and clean up the freezer. Awhile ago, I added shelves to the freezer which helped the organization immensely!!


Then, over time it became disorganized again. I’m glad I still have the shelves though. Here was the before:


I did throw out some things that were either too old or unrecognizable. I also organized everything into categories again. The door holds popsicles, juice, and on the bottom shelf is all our frozen fruit for smoothies:


For the main part of the freezer I moved all the frozen veggies on the top shelf, leftover meals in the middle shelf, and meat on the bottom shelf. I grabbed the purple basket from another place in the house and re-purposed it to hold smaller packages of meat.

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Project Declutter: Sewing Corner


Day 27: Sewing Corner

The sewing corner is another area that has become a dumping ground this past month. As I’ve decluttered around the house, I piled stuff up on the table and mini freezer.


A lot of the stuff just needed to find a place in the storage area of the basement. Some things still needed to stay on the table, for example the pile on the right is stuff I still need to scan in the computer. But it’s much more manageable and there is a lot less on the floor!


Well – that’s it for today!! Tomorrow I’m going to organize and declutter the freezer.


Project Declutter: Matt's Tools (and keeping up)


Day 25: Kitchen Table

With the weekends, sometimes it’s hard to keep up decluttering and blogging about it. Yesterday I needed to do some catch up decluttering on the kitchen table. It’s definitely a dumping ground on the weekends (especially since we eat dinner away from the home Sunday nights). Here is the before:



And the after – yay!! – working space again:


Day 26: Tool chest

Today, I decided to tackle my husband’s tool corner. It included this extra technology bin, tool chest, etc. It’s been disorganized for a LONG time. Here is the mess:


I didn’t really do too much to his technology bin – just closed the lid and tidied the extra objects. I’ll see if he can go through the stuff in the near future. And, even though I don’t

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Project Declutter: Car and Donation Trip


Day 24: Cleaning out the Car

We are temporarily down to one car (and one moped) right now. Today was one of those nice days my husband could easily take the moped to work, so I had the car! I took advantage of using the car by getting some shopping done and donating books I had taken off my shelves.


After I got home, I decided that instead of cleaning out my freezer today, I would tackle our car. It gets pretty easily cluttered and messy. Here’s a view of the front seat (the diapers I bought this morning):


And here it is all decluttered:


I went through the glove compartment as well and took out scotch tape, ring box, stickers, and a phone cord. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to vacuum out the car, for two

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Project Declutter: Fridge Organization


Day 23: Fridge Organization

My fridge is an area that needs constant decluttering attention. As each day passes, there are leftovers ever to be consolidated, expired food to be tossed out, etc. I don’t have any containers to help organize my fridge YET, but with decluttering and grouping, it can look so much better!!

Here is the messy before picture:


As you can see, this was shortly after I went grocery shopping. What’s wrong with this picture?

Vegetables were still in packages, un-cut. We will not eat more veggies unless they are clean and ready to eat! I had made a couple of meals and instead of portioning out the leftovers into serving-size containers (easy to grab and go), the leftovers were still in their bulky cooking pots. The refrigerator was disorganized. Without food in their proper places, the items were more likely to get lost, forgotten, and go

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Project Declutter: Computer


Day 22: Computer

I still have a few more projects around the house, but I’ve hit all the rooms once and have done the major stuff. Today I was pretty tired, so I decided to declutter something sitting down.

My desktop gets pretty cluttered. I’m not good at keeping folders organized on my computer. But after seeing my sister’s post showing the desktop organizer she uses. She created it and it’s so cute!!

Here’s what my desktop looks like now:


I love having 5 different icon areas. In the programs section I plan to add in only my most used programs. It’s great to have a “to file” section, so I can have a place to temporarily store things and procrastinate just a tad on filing it. I haven’t decided what to put in the Important Folders yet. It’s so nice to have

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Project Declutter: Magazines


Day 21: Magazines

Today I decided to go through all my magazines. I needed to menu plan anyway, so I quickly looked through the magazines and put the recipes I wanted to try in my app: paprika (which stores recipes, generates grocery lists, and holds my menu plan). I LOVE having paperless recipes!! Less paper = less clutter!

Magazines & catalogs can be a huge clutter bug in the home. Since I’m going paperless with recipes, it seemed to make sense to just give the magazines to someone else. Anyway, I had done a huge purge of magazines before my son was born, but still they have stacked up again. I had a huge basket full, and then another makeshift magazine holder full. This is the pile I sorted through and got rid of:


I’m going to keep by the rule: when I get a new monthly

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