Project End of the Year Challenge - 60 days!

30 before 30-3

Thanks to inspiration from Barb, I’m joining in the on the challenge to pick 1-5 things I want to accomplish by 12/31/2012. That’s 60 days from now. I’m blogging about it, but all you have to do is:


Pick 1-5 things you want to accomplish by 12/31/12. Write them down. Leave a comment to say you are doing this (and share your list if it’s not too personal). Write down a list of actions you can do to succeed.


Every two weeks, I will ask how you are doing. Please commit to answering honestly and I will do the same!!

I LOVE the simplicity of only picking 5 things and doing it for a longer period of time.



You know how I LOVE to come up with goals. Usually I am too optimistic in what I can accomplish.

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