Join Swagbucks (100 points) and Earn FREE Amazon gift cards!


I joined SwagBucks in February and have been reaping the benefits ever since!! SwagBucks allows you to use their search engine and earn SwagBucks (which I use to buy $5 Amazon gift cards) all at the same time! I recently bought my husband’s birthday gifts using the gift cards I had earned, then I’m saving the rest for Christmas. So far I’ve earned $65 in gift cards since February (in recent months I’ve slacked off a bit)!!

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Swag Bucks now has a Search Widget for Android!!


Well, I previously only had “AskDroid Desktop Search Widget” installed on my phone for “Swearching” (check out this post to read about this term I coined) . It was not strictly Swag Bucks a search engine. It also featured Google, Android Market, and YouTube. It’s pretty cool, because you can select which four to put on you widget onscreen.

Now, I have the Swag Bucks Search Widget!!!!! It looks like this: HERE is a link, so you can look at the reviews. The icon on the very right is my favorite feature!!! It uses Google speech recognition to change what you speak into what you are “swearching” for!!! This makes “swearching ” so much easier on

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More Ways to Earn SwagBucks!

Invite and Earn – Under the “Earn” tab, click “Invite & Earn”. Invite up to 1 person a day to receive 1 SB a day. Not too much of an incentive…BUT…if someone DOES join Swag Bucks using your referral link, then every time they search and win SB, then you will receive the same number of SB as they do! (It’s not that you are taking away SB from them, Swag Bucks is just rewarding you for inviting that person.)Coupons – Also under the “Earn” tab, gives you a lot of

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Making SwagBucks Simple

SwagBucks is something I came across early this year (probably January) and I have enjoyed the benefits so much already. At first, my husband was pretty skeptical about how much time I would have to put into it to really get enough out of it. I will also admit, early on, I was putting way too much time into it. I have found, that it IS really worth it, and how to make the most of it (with little time needed)!!

To reap the benefits of SwagBucks, all you really have to do is download the Making SwagBucks Simple