Baby Boy: 9 months

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Dear Ain,

You are 9 months already – time is going by too fast!! Momma was excited for your doctor’s appointment – we wanted to see how much you have grown.

Weight: At the doctor’s appointment we found out you were almost 17 lbs. and 28 inches long! Still a tall, skinny (compared to other babies) baby – but look at those rolls!

Sleep: Sleep is still going well – we are so grateful for that! You consistently wake up only once a night for a feeding – it’s usually 8-10 hours after you fall asleep. Then after eating you go back to sleep for almost another 3 hours. You usually fall asleep between

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Tips for soothing a teething baby

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My little one just had his bottom two teeth break through this week, when he was one week shy of 9 months. I know he’s been working on the teeth for awhile and he’s been “teething for about a month. These are the signs and symptoms you might see when your baby begins to teeth:

Drooling Chewing on solid objects Sticking fingers in mouth Irritability or crankiness Sore or tender gums Decreased appetite Difficulty sleeping Tips for soothing a teething baby:

If your teething baby seems uncomfortable, consider these simple tips:

Cold Teethers

Often chewing can help your little one’s teeth work their way through the gums, or it just helps to have a little counter pressure when the gums hurt. So,

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