Cutting Your Grocery Bill 101

When I got married in the fall of 2010, my husband and I established a budget for groceries and the other main categories in our life. It’s been a learning curve for me as I have picked up couponing and finding deals in the process.

In order to reduce your grocery bill by 50-70%, use your coupons effectively. Instead of using a coupon if it happens to match an item on your grocery list, make your lists based on the sales ads and coupons! I’ll show you how:

I love when the Aldi's ad has these kinds of prices!!


1. Check Sales – each Wednesday I check the mail frequently, until the ads arrive. Even though the Hy-Vee ad looks lovely, I save it for last (as then I will have a chance to look at all the prices first, instead of seeing the appeal of the pictures in Hy-Vee’s ad). I look at Checker’s ad first, make a list of what is at a great price this week (comparing it with my buy-price list) and put a star by the items I needed to get anyway (if it’s a great price I might get twice as much to stock up). Then I look at Aldi’s ad, Dillons, and finally Hy-Vee’s ad and do the same thing.


2. Coupons – I glance through my coupons that I’ve printed out through the week and see if any match up. If so, I write coupon, or “c” next to those items on my list.


3. Inventory Freezer, Fridge and Pantry –Using my freezer list and glancing through the pantry and fridge upstairs I evaluate what items I have a lot of. I write these items down on another piece of paper.


4. Menu Plan –I look through my favorite recipes folder, or browse the web, focusing on the ingredient items on my two lists or thinking about what is in season.


5. Check the Running Grocery List – As the week goes along, I also write down the staple items as we run out of them. I use the Our Groceries app to put these in my phone, but I also have a magnet notepad on my fridge that my husband or I add to when we see what we’ve run out of.


I would also add,
6. Know what coupons are coming in the Sunday paper. Check out this link.


Next time, where to find coupons!

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