Money Saving Mom's Budget review & Giveaway!!

“Streamline your life and cut the clutter. You might have great intentions, but if you’re drowning in clutter, it won’t work.”


The Money $aving Mom’s Budget

I have been a follower of the blog Money Saving Mom, by Crystal Paine for a little over a year. Her blog was one of the first blogs I started reading. It was after reading Crystal’s blog and others that I first wanted to blog more myself. I have been so inspired by her over this last year.

So it came as no surprise to my husband when I wanted to buy Crystal’s book The Money $aving Mom’s Budget as soon as it came out last January. However, since I’m the type of person that loves to live a full and busy life, I didn’t get very far into reading it. (I tend to put reading last on my list of things “to do”.)

I was so excited when I read about the opportunity to review Crystal’s newest audio book The Money $aving Mom’s Budget in audio format!! Yes! Audio books have definitely become my new friend!

*I was provided a free audio version of this book through Litfuse Publicity in exchange for my honest opinion.


Overall Impression

Since I’ve had Crystal Paine’s audio book, I’ve been able to listen to it as I’m prepping meals (just keep a notebook handy to write a few things), washing dishes, and driving! It’s been so great to have the audio version (and in this case, the paperback version too).

I love the tone of this audio book – very casual. Very encouraging. Crystal and I could almost be talking over coffee.

“No matter what your financial situation, there is always hope.”

I love how she’s included her own stories, as well as reader’s experiences.

I love the practical, step-by-step guides of making these bigger pictures ideas work!

I could listen to it over again (or read it numerous times), because it’s so packed with helpful and practical information!


Projects & Goals I’ve taken from this book

At a later date, I will be going into more detail about what practical steps we’ve taken to streamline our lives and budget, but here’s a breakdown of the first 4 chapters in the book and the goals I’ve set that correspond to the chapters.

Chapter 1 is about Goal Setting.

Crystal encourages you to set the big goals first, then break them down by month, and then week. Breaking goals down into bites size pieces will allow you to see achievement and gain inspiration as you move closer towards your bigger goal!

After reading this chapter, my husband and I took the opportunity to spend a weekend away JUST to focus on goal setting.


Chapter 2 focuses on Streamlining Your Life and Cutting the Clutter.

After Crystal shares easy ways to eliminate or cut down on personal clutter, she guides you through a very practical and clear-cut way to get rid of the excess physical clutter in your home!!

My husband and I have taken on Project Declutter (as we like to call it). Also, I have created a Time Budget, which allows me to makes sure I have time for all the important things, not just the urgent.


Chapter 3 & 4 shows Three Types of Budgets and walks through a Cash-Only Challenge.

In Chapter 3, Crystal walks you through setting up a realistic, workable budget (whether it be a food budget, bare-bones budget, or full-fledged budget). Chapter 4 introduces the Cash-only Challenge.

We already have a good budget that we are working from, so we decided to go a step further and take on the cash-only challenge for this month.


After the first 4 chapters, Crystal gets a lot more practical on how to save money including:

– using coupons (ch. 5 )
– advance coupon techniques and great tips! (ch. 6)
– 25 ways to lower your grocery bill without coupons (ch. 7)
– not buying retail and cutting costs on eating out (ch.8)

Using the techniques she outlines in chapters 5 & 6, you can easily cut your grocery bill by at least 30%-50%!! Finally, I cannot say enough how chapters 7 & 8 are just packed full with creative ways to cut costs on things you already buy.



I would highly recommend purchasing this book. This book is great both as a beginner’s guide as well as an expert’s reference. It shows you simple ways to truly live a full life without paying full price. While I feel the first four chapters are the most powerful as they offer some very basic ways at cutting back and saving money, the whole book is worthwhile for anyone, new or old, to the world of saving money and living within your means.



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