Organizing your coupons!

This is part of my Cutting your Grocery Bill series. After my rant at being sometimes frustrated with coupons, I decided to write this series. So far, I’ve touched on:

the process to build a weekly menu based on sale prices/coupons

my buy-price list (knowing how much to pay for item(s) and paying no more)

coupons sources

coupon lingo (terminology)


As a general rule, I print off a lot of the coupons I use. Facebook and are two of my main sources. If you are really into a product or company, go to their website or check to see if they have a Facebook page. ‘Like’ them or get on their emailing list for notifications of when they have coupons!

At first I was printing a LOT more coupons than I actually used. After a few months I was able to know what coupons I probably would use and what coupons would stay stuffed in my binder (likely those coupons for a product I have not tried).

I bought a small accordion file to place all my printable coupons in. It even has a zippered pouch on the very front that I can store my grocery money in!


Here you can see a close up of what categories I have to file my coupons under:


Categories: Baking, Canned/Condiments, Cereal, Cleaners, Dairy, Frozen/Meat, Food Misc., Snacks, Non-Food Misc., Personal

I LOVE fresh produce, but there are not many coupons for that category so I just file them right in front when I have them.

For the coupon inserts, I leave them whole and don’t cut coupons out of them until I know for sure I’m going to use them and for what store. Then I place them in the front portion of my Grocery coupon binder above.

Here is where I store my coupon inserts ( I was so lucky to find it at a garage sale!! ) :



I have 6 different inside big pockets I can place the coupon inserts in. Then, if I ever cut any out and end up not using them, I place them in the small, enclosed pocket.



If you are looking for some more ideas on organizing and using coupons, here are some resources I would suggest looking at! Or just stayed tuned for next week’s post on Semi-Extreme Couponing 101: Creating a List.

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2 comments to Organizing your coupons!

  • It’s funny – I think about using coupons, but we end up using so many store brands and we don’t buy many prepared foods that coupons are almost never the better deal. (We make our own cleaning supplies in a lot of cases, too.) For us, it wasn’t worth the time, though I’ll admit to being jealous of the extreme couponers I know. Still they do spend a lot of time on it…

    P.S. – Thanks so much for stopping by on my SITS Day!

    • There are a lot of coupons I don’t use, because they are for junk food, or prepared foods (I like to make my meals from scratch most of the time). But, there are still a lot of coupons I find for products I do buy already.

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