Semi-Extreme Couponing: Baby Step #1

Your Assignment:

– Pick ONE store you want to start using coupons at and get to know your store’s coupon policy like the back of your hand.

Many stores have a written policy on their website (I have links to several at the bottom of this page), but if you can’t find one, call the store and ask to speak to the manager. Here are 6 questions you can ask stores:

1) Do you accept coupons?

Some stores, like Aldi do not accept coupons.

CostCo does not accept any outside coupons, only the ones they put out.

Checkers only accepts printable coupons if the value is $1 off or less.

2) Do you double coupons? Up to what amount to you double?

(i.e. coupons 50 cents and under are doubled)

3) Do you allow more than one coupon per item?

Target does sometimes allow both a manufacturer’s coupon and store coupon – check the fine print on their store coupons.

Walgreens only allows as many coupons as items, so while you can have two coupons for one item, you then have to purchase a “filler” item so that there are as many coupons as items.

4) Do you take competitor’s coupons? Who do you consider a competitor?
5) Do you accept one coupon for each BOGO (buy one, get one free) item?

Usually the only way they will do this is if their policy is to charge 50% for each B1G1 item, rather than full price for the first and nothing for the second. Sometimes stores will allow you to buy one of a B1G1 item and it will be 50% off. If your store has this policy, they should accept one coupon each for B1G1 items. And if they allow coupon “stacking” (accepting both a manufacturer’s AND store coupon for each item), you are pretty much getting free items because you are basically paying full price for one item and using four coupons against it!

6) Do you price match local ads?

(This is not exactly coupon related, but it’s definitely good to find out!!)

7)How can I receive your store coupons in the mail?

I actually haven’t asked this last question, but I read it recently and I think it’s a great question to ask!! You are not going to get all the benefits you can unless you ask!! 

Coupon Policies


Next week, we will begin Baby Step #2: Creating a List!

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