31 Days: 3-D star from a cereal box

Today’s project was inspired by something I saw I Pinterest. Isn’t it cute? Can you believe it is made out of cereal boxes??


Isn’t it amazing how when you see projects online, sometimes they make it look so easy? This one is from Grey Luster Girl. I won’t lie – this one was a little bit harder for me than I originally thought it would be.

This IS a really super cute idea. I’ll tell you how to make it!

What you need:

– cereal boxes
– star die-cut or cut-out as a guide (what I didn’t have and what made it harder)
– hot glue gun
– spray paint!

Step 1

I had to first make a star pattern to trace on the cardboard. This is where I first spent a little time. It would be nice to already have a star pattern, or a die cut machine, etc. That would make Step 1 easy!!


Step 2

Score your stars 5 times (starting with the tips), until you have what looks like this (since my stars were not perfect, the scoring didn’t come out with a perfect center – but it still works!):


Step 3

Bend each scored line. Push up on the lines extending to the tips and push down on the indented parts.


Making the stars wasn’t that hard, but not having the stars match perfectly was a little frustrating for a perfectionist like me.

Step 4

Use a hot glue gun to glue two stars together. Not too bad, just took a little time, because you need do little sections at a time as you hold it together.

Step 5

To give it a more finished off look, spray paint the stars your color of choice. Distress with ink if desired.

I have not finished my stars. I don’t have spray paint on hand, but I probably will spray paint them and turn them into Christmas ornaments!

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