31 Days: Decor with corks!

My husband and I love wine. It’s been fun to grow in our love of wine and knowledge of wine together. We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary next week by visiting several award-winning wineries – I’m excited!!

This DIY project uses corks (which we have collected them over this 1st year of marriage). (See bottom of post for a link to some crazy cork creations.)

What you need:

1) glass jar, 2)little candle in glass to nest inside



3) lots of corks!!


Just assemble it:


Light the candles:


Set them on the table with the cute fall goblets purchased at the Dollar Tree:

Ta-da!! Beautiful fall table:

Still have more corks than you know what to do with? Just out this post of crazy cork creations – including a cork chair!!

I’m linking up to Today’s Creative Blog.

See you tomorrow,

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