Coming up - Summer Blog Goals!!

I’m getting ready to start a long weekend vacation break – yay!! So, I’m not going to publish a Frugal Recipe today.

Instead, I just wanted to say a quick word about some exciting things coming up!!



Within the month of June:

recipe tab with all of Romance on a Dime’s recipes
7 Foods to Make and Never Buy Again (with price comparisons)
header and blog look change (I can’t wait to show you!!)


This summer:

– first Romance on a Dime giveaway (let me know if you would like to offer something for a giveaway)
podcast coming to Romance on a Dime!!


Thanks so much for being my awesome, loyal readers! Have a great weekend!!

Oh, and don’t forget to check Romance on a dime on Saturday for a wonderful guest post by Jess & the boys on her life binder!!

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