Saturday Spotlight: Creatively Living's Mailbox Makeover

Hello all! I’m really excited about this Saturday Spotlight series!!


Each Saturday, I am featuring a guest post from another blogger. (Last week we had a great post with an Apple Dip recipe by Handmade by Hilani.)


This series will be covering topics from creative crafts to DIY projects/tips to inspiring stories.

Look at this fantastic line-up:

     May 19th: Mrs. Hines Class
May 26th: Green Willow Pond
June 2nd: Jess & the Boys
June 9th: 4 You With Love

I have all of June lined up as well. But I don’t want to spoil the fun by telling you all of my line up now!! If you are interested in guest posting for Romance on a Dime, check this post for a list of suggested topics.


This week we have Katie from Creatively Living in the Spotlight! She is so inspiring!! I have LOVED all the projects she has linked up to my Take it on Tuesday blog hop. Top, she is showing us a recent mailbox makeover. I love the end result:



Hi Romance on a Dime Readers!
My name is Katie, and I blog over at Creatively Living.



I’m excited to be guest posting at Romance on a Dime today!
I’m going to share one of my latest project with you.
You see, I had a very ugly mailbox.



I liked the triangular handle, and it’s shape, but it was faded, and boring.
 I wanted to adhere some nice vinyl wording on it, or something fun, but we have a serious lack of fun vinyl where I live, and I could only find any words I liked in black.


So, I decided to make my own wording for my mailbox makeover!
First I took the handle off and spray painted it with black.
Next, I took my favorite vintage wallpaper, (that I have stashed in my basement), and used WordArt in Microsoft Word to create this “Hello” sign that could be cut out.



Then I took the wording and used two coats of Modge Podge to seal them on the mailbox.
Even though it was thicker wallpaper, I still had to smooth the ridges out a couple times. I put one coat of Modge Podge on, let it dry, and then applied the second coat.



Perfect. Now i have a eye-catching mailbox in my entryway.



Now this mailbox is under an awning, so it won’t be getting very wet. I’m not sure how well this would work if it was constantly getting hit by bad weather.
I really like how it turned out. It works well with the blue house and my red geraniums
….and, the makeover was FREE :)



Thank you so much for stopping by. A big thanks to Betsy for letting me share it with you!
I hope you all enjoyed the project :)


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