Take it on Tuesday: Basement Clutter

Ugh! Look at that mess!!

Believe it or not, we DID clean up our basement 7 months ago (right before our New Year’s Eve party) and then it deteriorated to the above mess again. Even though we have only been married 10 months, there is still plenty to go through! We took time to clean up our basement, go through every box and pull out things we wanted to sell for our yard sale last weekend. We came up with a fair amount (two tables worth of stuff – some of them big items: computer, video games, Matt’s comic book collection, my porcelain dolls, etc.).

Another view of our basement before:

Under the stairs:

Besides pitching things and putting things in our yard sale pile, I also wanted to prop all my boxes onto wooden pallets to keep my stuff safe in case of flooding. I sent my hubby to Habitat ReStore for 5 wooden pallets and he came back with what ended up to be a lot more than we needed (I should have listened to him and let him get only 3 like he suggested). Apparently Habitat ReStore will give away for FREE wooden pallets they are not using!! Plus they worked beautifully!!

Here are the wooden pallets…(we have extra – anyone want one?)

Fixing them up

Starting to place boxes on the pallets.

So much more organized, don’t you think?


Then, my mother-in-law gave me this garden tool organizer she had in her storage unit!

Love it!

Before and Afters since I had fun with picnic:

Next week’s Take it on Tuesday project, organizing my freezer:

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