Take it on Tuesday blog hop #36: Flag Wreath - Epic Fail

 Hello all! Want to hear about my epic fail?

***UPDATE: Epic fail part 2 – the blog hop below wasn’t showing for the first 8 hours of this post, but the link up is working now!!


So, I’ve been telling you about this flag wreath I’ve been working on. I wanted to make a wreath from things I already had on hand because I didn’t want to spend any money. My materials were:

– swimming noodle

– sewing thread


It was going to be simple, right? Ha.



I had a swimming noodle that I wanted to mold into a wreath and tape together. I had seen many DIY tutorials for this idea, especially this one from Naptime Crafts:



I didn’t have yarn and didn’t want to buy it, so I thought I could use sewing thread I had on hand.


My first mistake

I soon found out how frustrating it can be to make a circle out of the swimming noodle. I kept cutting it smaller in order for it to look like a circle. Ironically, I found that it was looking less like a circle the smaller I cut it.


You might be able to image my frustration when I showed my husband what the wreath looked like and he the first thing out of his mouth was to ask why it was so small…


small swimming noodle circle



Further setbacks

As I was wrapping (and it took FOREVER to wrap the thread), I discovered I didn’t have enough thread….


As you can see packaging tape didn’t hold the wreath, so I added duct tape later…


The above was after I used two rolls of thread.

After this second attempt and setback I decided to forget the thread and I put this project aside for about a week. I was too worn out and disappointed to work on it anymore. I needed a break!


New Idea

Somewhere while reading blogs I came across a wreath wrapped in jeans and t-shirts and thought that could be a cute solution to my lack of thread problem. I decided to try wrapping it with t-shirts I had on hand. But after putting on a little bit of fabric I saw that my small, pathetic wreath would NOT be shaped like a wreath after all:


wreath failure


Breaking Point

*SIGH* At this point I was just so frustrated and ready to be done with the wreath. I don’t give up on a project easy, especially as I had invested time wrapping the thread, but so little had come of it.


So, I just decided to abandon the project. I was tired of the setbacks and the 4th of July was approaching too fast. After I gave it up, I was filled with relief just to have this over with.


Lesson Learned

Even though I didn’t accomplish what I set out to do, this was still a great learning experience for me. Yes, I may have disappointments from trying to be creative and using what I have on hand, but experiences like this will only help me to learn patience and stretch me to be more creative. I will be trying a swimming noodle wreath again, but I have learned what not to do and some different tactics to try next time.


Instead, I decided to put up an old, but cute wreath my mother in law made for me on my front door. It’s very fitting for summer and reminds me to water my plants:



What projects have you done in the past that have completely bombed?


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