Ultimate Blog Party Post

I heard, that the Ultimate Blog Party was going on….



and I wanted to join!! I cant miss out on anything fun!

Hello everyone!!
For those that are visiting Romance on a Dime for the first time, I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Betsy and I still consider myself a newlywed (been married since 10/10/10).


I am an Elementary teacher by training, but right now I’m FULLY enjoying my life as a piano teacher and private tutor! I love my husband to death (who just graduated with a B.S. in Theater, Culture, & Society). He makes me laugh often. We are opposites in many ways, but complement each other so well!


I am very goal driven and love to blog about my pursuits – be it cookinghealthy living, organizing, setting goalsupcycling, or trying my hand at DIY projects.


I weekly give you my menu plan and host a blog hop: Take it on Tuesday. I just love seeing all the projects everyone is working on!! I regularly pin my favorites here and feature 5 favorite projects each week.


Awhile ago, I shared my best projects of 2011, but I have several posts in 2012 that have quickly climbed the ladder of most page views, such as:


DIY Home Management Binder




 52 Reasons I Love and Respect You




I hope you grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit down and stay awhile!!


Looking for Guest Posts!!

I am so inspired when I read stories of what others have done in their life, what projects they have been working on, etc. I want to add a weekly guest post series (on Saturdays) to my blog, if I can. I might have to start with every other and build from there.


They can be new or old posts of yours. The only thing I ask is that if it’s an old post, please update the post and change the wording some, so it is not an exact duplicate of an old post.


If you are interested in guest posting, please email me at romanceonadime at gmail dot com. Thanks!!


Guest Post Topics I’m looking for:

– Trash to Treasure project

– Organizing tips/projects

– Home Management or Organizing Printables

– DIY project

– Handmade/Homemade

– Living on a Budget testimonial

– Healthy Habits

– Dating on a Dime story

– Healthy Recipe



If you are from the Ultimate Blog Party, let me know in the comments. I will visit your blog as well! Thanks for visiting – hope to see you again soon!





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